Our standard price is $1.25 per school for each sport (per gender).  For example, a 100 school section/state would be charged $125 per sport.  If you do five or more sports with us in any school year, we give you a 20% cut off each one, even retroactively (if, for example, you don't reach the five until the spring) the price becomes a negligible ONE DOLLAR per school.  Note: Minimum charge is $20 per sport.

We are confident that you'll find these prices to be considerably less than the costs you currently have associated with the seeding and selection process.  See benefits for more on this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Self-service generally only works properly when one to two people are responsible for entering the data; anything larger than that generally results in a high probability of data being entered inaccurately.  Please note that we reserve the right to deny the self-service option when it is clear to us that data may not be entered accurately and on a timely basis.  Our integrity regarding statistical accuracy is our most important asset-- we simply can't afford to be involved with situations that will reflect poorly on us.  Thank you for your understanding on this matter.


Another option you have is to contract us to do the gathering of results for you.  Not surprisingly, this option is a great deal more expensive- $18 per school (or $14.40 if you're doing five or more full-service sports with us.)   Some people are surprised by how big the difference between the two options is, but hopefully this example will shed some light:  suppose you want to hire us to provide ratings for one sport for your 100 school section.  If you decide to have the leagues/schools be responsible for inputting all the results data, then all that's really required of us is a few hours to get you setup...and you're really doing the work yourself.  (Which allows us to charge you virtually nothing.)  If we do all the collecting of results for you, we end up spending an average of just under one full hour per team throughout the course of the season.  With a 100 school section/state, we spend roughly 30-35 hours inputting schedule information, 35-40 hours collecting scores from online newspapers, and 15-20 hours tracking down those results that could not easily be found.  Note: Full-service football is charged at half of the normal rate due to the small number of games.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The $18 per school is sharply cut to just TEN dollars per school (or $8 if you're doing five or more full-service sports with us) in situations where there is a single internet source providing the majority of the schedules and scores for your section/state in a consistent format from which we can automatically read data into our system.  In situations such as this, where we're really just "filling in the gaps" of the missing information, our workload is considerably cut down....and so is the amount we charge you! 

Benefits of the full-service system  (click here for example)


The biggest benefit of using the full-service system is that non-section/state results can be counted.  (As long as the non-section team has played at least one other game against section teams.  Failing that, there is no data to use as a basis for comparison.)  Using the self-service system, there is simply no way to set things up to allow for this.  This is an important advantage, because discounting relevant results can have a harmful effect on the accuracy of the ratings.


In order to be able to find results for you, we need to enter all the schedule information for each team.  This ends up benefiting the schools in your section in very real (financial) terms.  The reality is that fans often don't know about games that they would have attended if they did; we can help prevent that...and add to the gate in the process.  Schedule/results information can be viewed on a league, school, or entire section/state basis.  The league pages also have other goodies such as directions to the games, overall and league standings, "recent scores" and "upcoming games" sections, as well as per-game scoring averages for each team.


We update results as soon as the scores become available.  This allows a coach, for example, to go to the site the day after playing a game and immediately see what effect the result had on his/her team's rating.  This type of instant feedback helps people to understand the system better.  If results are entered on a weekly basis (or even less frequently) using the self-service method which relies on many people to report results through different channels, it's difficult to see the effect that individual results have on the ratings.

All we need from you are schedules and an email contact for each team.  The other requirement is that your area must be one in which scores are available from online newspaper websites.  The email contact (can be head or assistant coach, athletic director, team manager, etc.) is needed for those occasions when scores can't be found on newspaper sites.  An email contact person is needed.  If we were forced to use phones to track down scores, the vast time and expense increases involved would force us to greatly increase the per-school amount we charge.

Email contacts should be sent to  Schedules can be faxed to 415-634-3060, or emailed to

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