The benefits of the Freeman Ratings service are considerable.  They include:

-An objective, apolitical and fair process for determining selection and seeding for your post-season section/state tournaments.

-An inexpensive, yet markedly more accurate product than the over-simplified points systems that many sections/states are trying.  Systems where, for example, 3 points are given for a win against a large school, 2 points for a win against a medium-sized school, etc. or those where the league ratings for counting non-league games are arrived at politically simply can't compare with what we're doing here.  See ratings for more details on how our system works.

-You'll eliminate the vast costs and headaches involved with running your seedings/selection determining meetings.  No more trying to find people to sit on committees.  No more travel expenses.  No more complaints about how unfairly teams were ranked by people who didn't know how their season had gone.

-If you choose, coaches, players, parents and fans will have access to the ratings constantly throughout the season, hosted right here on our site.  The ratings are always up-to-the-minute, not updated daily or weekly, but rather automatically-updated every time new results are entered by your staff.

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