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Nickname: Panthers
Colors: Navy/Vegas Gold
Coach: Trey Walker
League: Public Charter
Playoff Division: A
Playoff Division Rank*: #10

2023 Final Power Rating: -38
2023 National Rank: #12091
2023 State Rank: #19
Roster-Based (Players Back/Lost) Rough Rating Adjustment*: -4.5
2024 Starting Power Rating*: -55.9
2024 National Rank*: #12147
2024 State Rank*: #20
5-Year Dynasty Rating (Average 2018-2023 Rating): -26.1
5-Year Dynasty National Rank: #11266
2024 Rating vs. 5-Year Dynasty Rating Comparison*: worse by 29.8
5-Year Dynasty Record: 27-13 (14-2 in league)
Dynasty Rating (Average 2003-2023 Rating): -23.9
Dynasty National Rank: #13434
2024 Rating vs. Dynasty Rating Comparison*: worse by 32
Dynasty Record: 75-52 (38-16 in league)

2023 Overall Record: 6-4
2023 League Record/Finish: 3-2 (2nd)
2023 Points For Average: 25.4
2023 Points Against Average: 13.8
2023 Differential: +11.6
2023 Wins: #12276 Crossland (Temple Hills, MD) (20-14), #12279 Sidwell Friends (Washington) (20-14), #12984 Central (Capitol Heights, MD) (34-12), #13635 Wright [Richard] (Washington) (42-0), #13655 Digital Pioneers Academy (Washington) (62-0), #13805 Paul International (Washington) (42-0)
2023 Losses: #10067 SEED (Baltimore, MD) (18-14), #10095 KIPP DC Legacy College Prep (Washington) (32-6), #10095 KIPP DC Legacy College Prep (Washington) (20-14), #10095 KIPP DC Legacy College Prep (Washington) (28-0)
2023 Opponents W-L: 40-55
Recent League Championships: 2022, 2021, 2019, 2016
Winning Streak Entering 2024 Season: none

2024 Projected League Finish*: 2nd
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