As the season winds down, we're hearing from a few CIFSS coaches each day who ask for the rating of their team to be artificially lowered.  PLEASE understand a few things...

1) Rest assured, you will not receive a response to this insulting request.

2) We've been in business for two decades and have never and will never doctor our ratings.

3) Yes, we find it amusing that for two decades, we received emails of the "our team should be rated SO much higher" type but now it's suddenly flipped and we get "our team should be rated SO much lower" emails, as coaches hope to work their way into a lower playoff division, given the new CIFSS system this season.

4) Our ratings are our ratings, take it or leave it as you see fit.  The system is based on your results; nothing else.  You don't need to let us know that you're undersized, outmanned, inexperienced, have low enrollment, have low effort at practice, have players with low football IQ, have few players on your roster, can't afford nice uniforms, etc., etc.  Those things are not factors in any legitimate power ratings system, and alerting us to these facts will not change your rating.

Ned Freeman