*current school year senior class rating not finalized until class graduates in June and D1 signings are fixed

RankSchoolStateLeagueDivisionRecruiting Rating
12012-2013 Aloha (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A9.4
22016-2017 West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A8
32020-2021 Jefferson [Thomas] (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A6.9
42017-2018 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A6.4
42019-2020 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A6.4
42021-2022 Clackamas (OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A6.4
72013-2014 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A6.3
82017-2018 McDaniel (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Portland6A6
92012-2013 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A5.9
92015-2016 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A5.9
112014-2015 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A5.8
122018-2019 Clackamas (OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A5.6
132017-2018 Tigard (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A5.5
142016-2017 Wilsonville (OR)Oregon5A Northwest Oregon5A5.3
152021-2022 Westview (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A5
152011-2012 Corvallis (OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A5
152011-2012 Grant (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A5
152019-2020 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A5
192018-2019 Crescent Valley (Corvallis, OR)Oregon5A Special District 35A4.8
192013-2014 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A4.8
212009-2010 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A4.7
222019-2020 Beaverton (OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A4.6
222016-2017 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A4.6
242017-2018 West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A4.5
252017-2018 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A4.4
252018-2019 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Special District 76A4.4
272015-2016 Oregon City (OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A4.3
272018-2019 Banks (OR)Oregon4A Special District 14A4.3
292016-2017 Westview (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A4.2
292012-2013 Wilsonville (OR)Oregon5A Northwest Oregon5A4.2
292016-2017 McDaniel (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Portland6A4.2
322022-2023 West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A4.1
322016-2017 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A4.1
322019-2020 Tualatin (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A4.1
352017-2018 South Medford (Medford, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A4
352018-2019 Churchill (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Special District 2 South5A4
372023-2024 North Medford (Medford, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A3.9
372018-2019 West Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Special District 66A3.9
372017-2018 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A3.9
372018-2019 West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A3.9
412024-2025* West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A3.8
422023-2024 Tualatin (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A3.7
422019-2020 Lakeridge (Lake Oswego, OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A3.7
442020-2021 Lebanon (OR)Oregon5A Special District 35A3.6
442009-2010 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A3.6
442017-2018 Crescent Valley (Corvallis, OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A3.6
442011-2012 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A3.6
442016-2017 Sherwood (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A3.6
442009-2010 Douglas [David] (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A3.6
502019-2020 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A3.5
512010-2011 Marist (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Midwestern5A3.4
512010-2011 Hillsboro (OR)Oregon6A Pacific6A3.4
512024-2025* Crane (OR)Oregon1A Special District 2 (8 Man)1A 8 Man3.4
512024-2025* Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A3.4
512016-2017 Central (Independence, OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A3.4
562023-2024 West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A3.2
562009-2010 Central (Independence, OR)Oregon4A Val-Co4A3.2
582019-2020 Thurston (Springfield, OR)Oregon5A Special District 2 North5A3.1
582010-2011 Jefferson [Thomas] (Portland, OR)Oregon5A Portland5A3.1
582012-2013 Crater (Central Point, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A3.1
612019-2020 Clackamas (OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A3
612021-2022 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A3
632019-2020 Banks (OR)Oregon4A Special District 14A2.8
632012-2013 West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A2.8
632019-2020 West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A2.8
662020-2021 Tigard (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A2.7
662010-2011 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A2.7
662017-2018 Wilsonville (OR)Oregon5A Northwest Oregon5A2.7
662018-2019 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A2.7
662010-2011 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A2.7
662020-2021 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Special District 76A2.7
722019-2020 McNary (Keizer, OR)Oregon6A Special District 66A2.6
732011-2012 South Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Central Valley6A2.5
732021-2022 Tualatin (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A2.5
732021-2022 Jefferson [Thomas] (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A2.5
732023-2024 Lakeridge (Lake Oswego, OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A2.5
732021-2022 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A2.5
732009-2010 South Eugene (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A2.5
792023-2024 Wilsonville (OR)Oregon5A Special District 15A2.4
792017-2018 Clackamas (OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A2.4
792015-2016 Beaverton (OR)Oregon6A Metro6A2.4
792015-2016 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A2.4
832022-2023 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A2.3
832013-2014 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A2.3
852016-2017 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A2.2
862011-2012 Mountain View (Bend, OR)Oregon5A Intermountain5A2.1
862013-2014 Roosevelt (Portland, OR)Oregon5A Special District 25A2.1
862021-2022 Thurston (Springfield, OR)Oregon5A Special District 45A2.1
862010-2011 West Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Central Valley6A2.1
862018-2019 Southridge (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A2.1
862014-2015 Lakeridge (Lake Oswego, OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A2.1
862018-2019 South Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Special District 66A2.1
862011-2012 Newport (OR)Oregon4A Oregon West4A2.1
862011-2012 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A2.1
862011-2012 Liberty (Hillsboro, OR)Oregon5A Northwest Oregon5A2.1
862023-2024 Crook County (Prineville, OR)Oregon4A Special District 54A2.1
862023-2024 Clackamas (OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A2.1
862014-2015 West Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Greater Valley6A2.1
992023-2024 West Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A2
992023-2024 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A2
992023-2024 Oregon City (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A2
992019-2020 Roosevelt (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A2
992021-2022 Mountainside (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A2
1042022-2023 West Albany (Albany, OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A1.9
1042022-2023 Lakeridge (Lake Oswego, OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1.9
1042021-2022 Canby (OR)Oregon5A Special District 26A1.9
1042018-2019 Tualatin (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A1.9
1042022-2023 Sprague (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A1.9
1042012-2013 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A1.9
1102023-2024 Summit (Bend, OR)Oregon5A Intermountain5A1.8
1102013-2014 Southridge (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1.8
1102010-2011 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A1.8
1102018-2019 Sandy (OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A1.8
1102015-2016 Douglas [David] (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A1.8
1102013-2014 Crescent Valley (Corvallis, OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A1.8
1102020-2021 Westview (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A1.8
1102017-2018 Sprague (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Greater Valley6A1.8
1102023-2024 Central Catholic (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A1.8
1102015-2016 Summit (Bend, OR)Oregon5A Intermountain5A1.8
1202019-2020 Silverton (OR)Oregon5A Special District 35A1.7
1202022-2023 Tualatin (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1.7
1202022-2023 Sherwood (OR)Oregon6A Pacific6A1.7
1202010-2011 Aloha (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1.7
1202023-2024 North Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A1.7
1252020-2021 South Medford (Medford, OR)Oregon6A Special District 76A1.6
1252018-2019 Wilsonville (OR)Oregon5A Special District 1 West5A1.6
1252023-2024 Lebanon (OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A1.6
1252009-2010 South Medford (Medford, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A1.6
1252011-2012 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1.6
1252015-2016 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1.6
1252017-2018 La Grande (OR)Oregon4A Greater Oregon4A1.6
1252020-2021 Hood River Valley (Hood River, OR)Oregon5A Special District 15A1.6
1252009-2010 North Eugene (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Midwestern5A1.6
1252023-2024 Tigard (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1.6
1252015-2016 West Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Greater Valley6A1.6
1362010-2011 McKay (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Central Valley6A1.5
1362019-2020 Grants Pass (OR)Oregon6A Special District 76A1.5
1362019-2020 Churchill (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Special District 2 South5A1.5
1362018-2019 Bend (OR)Oregon6A Special District 66A1.5
1362010-2011 Crater (Central Point, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A1.5
1362018-2019 Oregon City (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A1.5
1362019-2020 South Eugene (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Special District 2 South6A1.5
1432012-2013 Horizon Christian (Tualatin, OR)Oregon3A West Valley3A1.4
1432019-2020 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Special District 76A1.4
1432018-2019 Marshfield (Coos Bay, OR)Oregon4A Special District 44A1.4
1432019-2020 Tigard (OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A1.4
1432013-2014 West Albany (Albany, OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A1.4
1432010-2011 Corvallis (OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A1.4
1432014-2015 Wilsonville (OR)Oregon5A Northwest Oregon5A1.4
1432014-2015 Beaverton (OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1.4
1432012-2013 Sheldon [Henry D.] (Eugene, OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A1.4
1522018-2019 Liberty (Hillsboro, OR)Oregon6A Special District 36A1.3
1522017-2018 Corvallis (OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A1.3
1522017-2018 Churchill (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Midwestern5A1.3
1522015-2016 Lebanon (OR)Oregon5A Mid-Willamette5A1.3
1522011-2012 Douglas [David] (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A1.3
1522020-2021 Bend (OR)Oregon6A Special District 66A1.3
1522015-2016 Gresham (OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A1.3
1522016-2017 Summit (Bend, OR)Oregon5A Special District 15A1.3
1522017-2018 Southridge (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1.3
1522018-2019 Barlow [Sam] (Gresham, OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A1.3
1622019-2020 Liberty (Hillsboro, OR)Oregon6A Special District 36A1.2
1622019-2020 Reynolds (Troutdale, OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A1.2
1622019-2020 Westview (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A1.2
1622018-2019 Beaverton (OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A1.2
1622019-2020 Century (Hillsboro, OR)Oregon6A Special District 36A1.2
1622019-2020 Hillsboro (OR)Oregon5A Special District 1 West5A1.2
1622017-2018 West Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Greater Valley6A1.2
1622019-2020 St. Mary's (Medford, OR)Oregon3A Special District 2 South3A1.2
1622019-2020 Kennedy [John F.] (Mt. Angel, OR)Oregon2A Special District 22A1.2
1622019-2020 Ontario (OR)Oregon4A Special District 64A1.2
1622017-2018 Marist (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Midwestern5A1.2
1732018-2019 Lincoln (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A1.1
1732009-2010 The Dalles (OR)Oregon5A Intermountain5A1.1
1732009-2010 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1.1
1732017-2018 Hermiston (OR)Oregon5A Special District 15A1.1
1732011-2012 West Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Central Valley6A1.1
1732015-2016 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1.1
1732009-2010 Centennial (Gresham, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A1.1
1732011-2012 Willamette (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Midwestern5A1.1
1732011-2012 Eagle Point (OR)Oregon5A Midwestern5A1.1
1732018-2019 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A1.1
1732009-2010 Grant (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Portland6A1.1
1732018-2019 North Bend (OR)Oregon5A Special District 2 North5A1.1
1732011-2012 Jesuit (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1.1
1732011-2012 Sunset (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1.1
1732011-2012 West Linn (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1.1
1882012-2013 Beaverton (OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1
1882013-2014 Horizon Christian (Tualatin, OR)Oregon3A West Valley3A1
1882016-2017 Hillsboro (OR)Oregon5A Northwest Oregon5A1
1882013-2014 Lake Oswego (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1
1882013-2014 Lakeridge (Lake Oswego, OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1
1882012-2013 Pendleton (OR)Oregon5A Columbia River5A1
1882010-2011 Douglas (Winston, OR)Oregon4A Far West4A1
1882012-2013 Grant (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A1
1882013-2014 Eagle Point (OR)Oregon5A Special District 35A1
1882013-2014 Sunset (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1
1882010-2011 Westview (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1
1882018-2019 Aloha (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A1
1882012-2013 West Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Central Valley6A1
1882018-2019 Lakeridge (Lake Oswego, OR)Oregon6A Special District 56A1
1882012-2013 Churchill (Eugene, OR)Oregon5A Midwestern5A1
1882016-2017 North Bend (OR)Oregon4A Far West4A1
1882010-2011 Barlow [Sam] (Gresham, OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A1
1882019-2020 Parkrose (Portland, OR)Oregon5A Special District 1 East5A1
1882018-2019 Grant (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A1
1882010-2011 Newberg (OR)Oregon6A Pacific6A1
1882018-2019 North Medford (Medford, OR)Oregon6A Special District 76A1
1882019-2020 Southridge (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Special District 26A1
1882010-2011 Glencoe (Hillsboro, OR)Oregon6A Pacific6A1
1882013-2014 Aloha (Beaverton, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A1
1882013-2014 Canby (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A1
1882018-2019 McDaniel (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A1
1882013-2014 Tigard (OR)Oregon6A Pacific6A1
2152017-2018 Grants Pass (OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A0.9
2152017-2018 Roseburg (OR)Oregon6A Southwest6A0.9
2152017-2018 South Salem (Salem, OR)Oregon6A Greater Valley6A0.9
2152017-2018 Parkrose (Portland, OR)Oregon5A Northwest Oregon5A0.9
2152017-2018 Sunset (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Metro6A0.9
2152017-2018 Oregon City (OR)Oregon6A Mt. Hood6A0.9
2152017-2018 Mountain View (Bend, OR)Oregon5A Special District 15A0.9
2222019-2020 Scappoose (OR)Oregon5A Special District 1 West5A0.8
2222019-2020 Crescent Valley (Corvallis, OR)Oregon5A Special District 35A0.8
2222019-2020 Barlow [Sam] (Gresham, OR)Oregon6A Special District 46A0.8
 2019-2020 Hermiston (OR)Washington3A/4A Mid Columbia3A0.8
2222018-2019 Corvallis (OR)Oregon5A Special District 35A0.8
2222016-2017 Elmira (OR)Oregon4A Sky-Em4A0.8
2222016-2017 McNary (Keizer, OR)Oregon6A Greater Valley6A0.8
2222019-2020 Lincoln (Portland, OR)Oregon6A Special District 16A0.8
2222018-2019 Roseburg (OR)Oregon6A Special District 76A0.8
2222016-2017 Newberg (OR)Oregon6A Three Rivers6A0.8
2222016-2017 Crater (Central Point, OR)Oregon5A Midwestern5A0.8