[Note: This is a copy of an emailed schedule request sent to the schools.]

TO: Athletic Director

FROM: Eric Maddy, calpreps.com

RE: 2020 football schedule

Calpreps is getting ready for the belated 2020-2021 football season.  We want to make sure we have schedules correct -- even if you submitted a varsity football schedule earlier this year for Fall 2020, we would very much appreciate if you'd send us a Spring 2021 schedule with your updated dates, sites, and game times.

Feel free to email or fax, whichever is easiest for you.  We'd appreciate if you'd include two pieces of information if they are not included on your schedule itself:

*the name of your head varsity football coach
*the location for your home football games, if not on your campus

Please send schedules to us:

by email (as text or attachment) to football@calpreps.com
by fax to 415-634-3060

Also, for 11-man teams only, please ask your coach (if he hasn't already done so) to provide some preview information for our 2020 football preview.  Our preview questionnaire is on our site at calpreps.com/preview.

Thanks so much for your assistance.