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Here's where you come in...  Disagree with aspects of how we've set it up?  Here's your chance to select criteria such as: league champions automatically in, winning records required for entry, etc.



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IMPORTANT NOTE: For info on how exactly the ratings are determined, please see the ratings page at  If after reading that, you still want to vent in an email to us, feel free- but please understand that we simply can not possibly respond to every "our school should be rated higher than so-and-so" type email.

SCHOOLS: Select the group of schools you want in the tournament (league champions automatically in, section champs only, etc.)

RECORD: Select whether you want any W-L record requirements (above .500 teams only, etc.)

SPAN: Select whether to count all games played, or to discount playoff games ("reg season").

SCORES: Select whether or not you want the season list of scores to be shown beneath each team.

TEAMS PER DIVISION: Select the number of teams to have in each of the five enrollment divisions.


-In order to maintain the integrity of our ratings, post-game (administrative/ineligible player) forfeits are recognized in win-loss records only. They do not affect the ratings of the teams involved. The only other type of forfeit we recognize are those involving league games after the league season has started (for standings fairness/balance). WE DO NOT award forfeits for cancelled games. Please do not contact us to try to convince us to give your team a win in these situations. Thank you for your understanding.
-Sizes are determined using 9th-12th grade CBED numbers. 2015 breakdowns, chosen so as to place 20% of the schools into each size, are as follows:

11 man:
Size 1- 2614 and above
Size 2- 2097
Size 3- 1485
Size 4- 675
Size 5- 674 and below