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RankSchoolStateLeagueDivisionW-LLeague W-LDivision W-LRatingSchedule StrengthOpponents' W-L
 Bowling Green Christian Academy (Bowling Green, KY)   trendTennesseeMiddle Tennessee - North (8 Man)8 Man4-31-3 (5th)4-3-2.9-10.823-36
WINS: #1103 Riverside Christian Academy (Fayetteville, TN) (38-25), #1188 Franklin Christian Academy (Franklin, TN) (78-50), #1337 Franklin Classical (Franklin, TN) (46-14), #1401 South Haven Christian (Springfield, TN) (48-0), LOSSES: #256 Christian Community (White House, TN) (43-0), #986 Lighthouse Christian (Antioch, TN) (62-48), #1011 Tennessee Heat (Nashville, TN) (46-36)