IMPORTANT NOTE: League ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league they are in is not a factor.

RankLeagueStatenon-league W-LTop 1000 non-league W-LTop 7000 non-league W-LAverage Ratingnon-league Schedule Strength
16A Region II District 11Texas22-128-921-1239.945.4
26A Region I District 6Texas20-1311-1120-1339.451.5
36A Region III District 17Texas10-34-29-238.963.3
45A Region II District 10Texas25-145-1223-1438.539.8
56A Region I District 5Texas17-1810-1416-1838.352.8
66A Region I District 4Texas21-148-820-1435.843.7
76A Region IV District 25Texas23-1910-1123-1935.242.1
8TAPPS Division I District 1Texas22-174-915-1334.140.8
96A Region II District 12Texas15-123-914-1233.945.8
106A Region IV District 27Texas21-123-820-1233.739.7
115A Region III District 18Texas23-188-1223-1833.540.7
125A Region II District 15Texas24-136-1022-1333.437.4
136A Region III District 19Texas16-105-514-1032.841.5
146A Region II District 13Texas18-225-1216-2131.741.7
156A Region I District 8Texas20-179-1318-1631.646.3
164A-1 Region III District 9Texas28-143-225-1231.231.3
176A Region I District 7Texas15-164-1112-163147.9
184A-2 Region II District 7Texas29-124-525-1230.727.7
196A Region I District 2Texas21-144-621-1429.836.8
206A Region III District 21Texas15-143-1114-1429.742.1
214A-1 Region IV District 13Texas31-110-325-928.724.8
225A Region I District 6Texas22-135-721-1328.139.2
225A Region III District 20Texas15-81-512-828.139.6
245A Region III District 23Texas18-116-713-1127.733.1
256A Region III District 24Texas18-91-414-927.236.3
26TAPPS Division I District 3Texas16-123-611-1125.931.3
275A Region I District 4Texas24-182-424-1724.731.2
27TAPPS Division II District 2Texas23-122-415-1024.725.3
295A Region II District 13Texas16-151-615-1523.738
306A Region I District 3Texas15-171-1212-1723.638
315A Region III District 17Texas16-190-1216-192336.6
325A Region III District 19Texas13-144-612-1322.745.1
335A Region I District 5Texas18-183-617-1822.635.8
345A Region IV District 27Texas20-122-310-1122.325.4
354A-1 Region I District 4Texas24-170-916-1621.925
364A-2 Region III District 9Texas19-210-717-2121.727.7
37Southwest Prep 4ATexas14-90-37-821.526.6
374A-1 Region III District 12Texas20-110-412-1121.524.4
39TAPPS Division II District 1Texas23-131-910-1121.420
404A-2 Region II District 5Texas25-161-516-1620.922.2
413A-1 Region IV District 14Texas24-101-512-920.716.9
426A Region II District 16Texas10-102-310-1020.641.8
426A Region IV District 26Texas15-180-1114-1720.638.3
446A Region II District 15Texas9-154-89-1520.548
456A Region IV District 28 - BTexas22-144-312-1420.425.4
466A Region II District 9Texas10-222-119-2120.344
476A Region III District 23Texas9-100-67-1020.141.5
486A Region II District 14Texas17-181-1113-1719.633.4
493A-1 Region III District 9Texas23-101-415-919.523.1
504A-2 Region III District 12Texas18-123-212-111822.8
514A-1 Region II District 8Texas20-170-618-1717.828.9
525A Region III District 22Texas8-60-37-417.748.8
534A-1 Region III District 10Texas10-180-88-1817.336.8
544A-1 Region II District 7Texas18-180-611-1817.224.6
554A-1 Region I District 3Texas16-213-913-2116.729.6
565A Region II District 14Texas14-180-713-1716.435.1
574A-2 Region II District 8Texas17-170-613-1616.325.2
585A Region IV District 26Texas18-140-712-1416.228.6
596A Region III District 20Texas5-141-65-141650.5
603A-1 Region III District 10Texas18-215-615-1915.829.7
615A Region III District 21Texas7-71-55-715.250.9
626A Region IV District 32Texas20-130-310-1114.821.6
634A-2 Region IV District 13Texas24-172-316-1614.715.8
646A Region II District 10Texas14-202-611-2014.632.1
654A-2 Region I District 3Texas20-202-413-1914.520.8
665A Region II District 16Texas8-240-88-2414.438.1
675A Region IV District 30 - NorthTexas24-121-211-1014.216
685A Region I District 3Texas10-180-66-1813.736.3
696A Region I District 1Texas12-170-811-1613.636.7
706A Region III District 18Texas8-121-85-1113.543
704A-1 Region IV District 14Texas21-141-714-1213.518.7
725A Region I District 8Texas17-182-814-1313.225.9
734A-1 Region I District 1Texas18-140-37-1412.816.1
745A Region II District 9Texas11-170-96-1712.636
755A Region IV District 30 - SouthTexas20-150-513-1512.517
764A-2 Region I District 2Texas27-100-39-811.310.7
764A-2 Region IV District 15Texas20-151-414-1511.317.8
783A-2 Region III District 9Texas20-150-39-129.716.5
793A-2 Region III District 10Texas21-181-012-15915.8
806A Region IV District 28 - ATexas10-210-66-198.523.9
81TAPPS Division I District 2Texas14-130-42-11812.9
823A-1 Region I District 4Texas16-232-210-207.920
824A-2 Region III District 11Texas16-191-311-177.920.8
843A-2 Region IV District 14Texas18-140-28-87.215.3
85TAPPS Division II District 3Texas24-120-27-779.6
864A-2 Region III District 10Texas10-210-65-216.428.6
873A-1 Region II District 5Texas13-230-1010-216.326
873A-2 Region IV District 13Texas20-172-38-146.316.3
892A-1 Region I District 1Texas25-160-26-96.16.5
903A-1 Region II District 6Texas21-150-311-10614.4
913A-2 Region II District 5Texas28-100-25-75.42.9
913A-1 Region III District 12Texas16-160-34-145.414
916A Region IV District 29Texas11-200-25-185.421.9
942A-1 Region III District 11Texas26-140-18-105.13.3
953A-1 Region I District 3Texas22-180-34-134.711.3
953A-2 Region I District 1Texas21-210-112-114.714.1
972A-1 Region I District 4Texas25-140-16-114.64.3
985A Region IV District 25Texas15-211-311-194.122.1
984A-1 Region II District 6Texas18-190-48-144.115.1
1003A-1 Region II District 8Texas19-170-011-13413.6
101Southwest Prep 3ATexas9-110-22-93.620.2
1024A-1 Region IV District 15Texas20-160-36-133.410.9
1035A Region I District 2Texas13-130-36-103.320.8
1044A-2 Region I District 1Texas16-210-47-17316.4
1052A-1 Region I District 2Texas27-90-02-52.7-1.9
1063A-2 Region I District 4Texas15-220-49-182.517.5
1073A-2 Region II District 8Texas23-130-06-112.22.9
1084A-2 Region I District 4Texas16-190-45-182.117.7
1093A-2 Region II District 7Texas18-180-22-161.912.7
1106A Region IV District 30Texas17-160-23-121.212.7
1116A Region III District 22Texas3-180-32-171.138.7
1113A-1 Region IV District 15Texas20-180-33-101.18
1134A-1 Region II District 5Texas14-262-512-190.320.2
1142A-1 Region II District 7Texas21-150-35-9-0.36.8
1153A-1 Region I District 1Texas16-210-33-15-0.412.6
1165A Region IV District 32Texas14-160-26-11-1.116.6
1162A-1 Region IV District 15Texas20-181-19-7-1.13.1
1184A-2 Region IV District 16Texas17-150-15-13-1.411.3
1195A Region I District 7Texas14-140-34-13-1.616.7
1193A-1 Region II District 7Texas13-220-06-19-1.618.6
1213A-2 Region II District 6Texas18-201-110-12-1.99.8
1223A-1 Region IV District 13Texas16-170-30-16-212.2
1233A-2 Region I District 3Texas20-160-03-12-2.43.2
1245A Region IV District 31Texas11-130-03-11-3.223
1246A Region IV District 31Texas12-180-26-13-3.222.2
1262A-1 Region II District 8Texas21-202-09-9-3.44.7
1263A-1 Region III District 11Texas8-170-13-13-3.418.5
1285A Region I District 1Texas14-150-13-10-4.214
1292A-2 Region III District 11Texas28-170-16-7-5-2.6
1304A-1 Region IV District 16Texas13-200-13-16-5.39.3
1312A-2 Region II District 8Texas24-180-08-7-6.6-0.3
1322A-1 Region IV District 13Texas21-170-22-9-6.7-0.2
1332A-2 Region I District 2Texas26-150-15-4-7-5.1
1343A-1 Region I District 2Texas15-210-18-6-7.45.2
1342A-1 Region IV District 14Texas23-140-14-5-7.4-5.7
1365A Region IV District 29Texas9-250-23-19-7.916.9
137TAPPS Division II District 4Texas12-190-00-12-8.26
1382A-1 Region III District 12Texas16-200-16-14-8.54.3
1395A Region II District 11Texas13-221-75-12-8.613.5
1404A-2 Region IV District 14Texas13-220-22-11-910.7
1413A-2 Region IV District 15Texas18-170-01-6-9.5-1.2
1424A-2 Region II District 6Texas10-240-12-20-9.613.4
1435A Region II District 12Texas14-190-13-14-109.4
1443A-2 Region I District 2Texas14-220-22-11-10.28.9
1454A-1 Region III District 11Texas6-120-02-10-10.322.2
1464A-1 Region I District 2Texas16-190-12-8-10.61.9
1473A-2 Region III District 12Texas13-190-00-13-10.85.5
1482A-1 Region III District 9Texas23-130-01-6-12.1-5.2
1495A Region III District 24Texas1-60-20-5-12.679.9
1503A-1 Region IV District 16Texas15-200-20-11-132.2
1512A-2 Region I District 4Texas21-150-02-7-13.1-6.4
1525A Region IV District 28Texas3-190-21-16-13.631.6
1532A-1 Region II District 6Texas18-170-13-6-14.3-2.6
1542A-2 Region II District 5Texas18-190-11-10-14.8-2.9
1552A-1 Region III District 10Texas13-230-11-12-150.1
155TAPPS Division III District 1Texas23-130-00-6-15-13.3
1573A-2 Region IV District 16Texas16-200-01-5-15.8-3.4
1583A-2 Region III District 11Texas14-170-11-11-16.40.6
159TAPPS Division III District 6Texas10-60-02-3-16.910.1
1602A-2 Region IV District 13Texas19-190-04-6-17.2-10.6
1612A-1 Region I District 3Texas16-190-00-8-17.6-4.7
1612A-2 Region II District 7Texas13-230-20-8-17.6-0.6
1632A-2 Region I District 1Texas12-230-00-13-17.8-1
164TAPPS Division III District 2Texas17-210-01-7-18.1-6.2
165TAPPS Division III District 3Texas18-190-21-8-18.6-5.3
1662A-2 Region II District 6Texas13-240-13-8-19.6-2.7
1662A-2 Region III District 9Texas9-280-10-16-19.61
1682A-1 Region II District 5Texas11-240-11-12-20.60.8
169TAPPS Division III District 5Texas17-170-01-4-21.5-9.4
1702A-2 Region III District 12Texas9-170-00-8-24.4-3.7
1712A-2 Region I District 3Texas12-270-00-9-25.4-3.1
1722A-2 Region III District 10Texas14-210-00-3-25.8-12.8
1732A-2 Region IV District 15Texas16-220-01-8-25.9-12.7
174TAPPS Division III District 4Texas14-220-01-6-26.3-11.4
1752A-2 Region IV District 14Texas15-220-00-4-27.3-13.4
1762A-1 Region IV District 16Texas16-180-10-4-28.3-14
177TCAL District 1Texas13-200-10-5-28.8-9.3
178TAPPS Division V District 1Texas23-320-00-5-30.4-21.3
1792A-2 Region IV District 16Texas13-210-00-3-32.3-19