IMPORTANT NOTE: League and division ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league/division.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league and division they are in are not factors.

RankStateDivisionNon-Division W-L

(top 50 teams in division only)
Average Rating

(top 50 teams in division only)
Average Schedule Strength

(top 50 teams in division only)
1Texas1A 6 Man 1155-4751.837.2
3Texas1A 6 Man 2108-10830.523.7
4TexasTAIAO 134-2229.823.5
5Idaho1A I22-2028.829.6
8TexasTAPPS I 6 Man55-5719.819.6
9Southern8 Man 154-4019.219.4
10TexasTCAF 127-2017.817.1
14MontanaC 6-Man6-013.815.3
15Minnesota9 Man21-713.18.3
16MontanaC 8-Man0-112.714.9
17Kansas8 Man I62-4011.210.2
18North Coast8 Man3-010.98.9
19TexasTAPPS II 6 Man66-639.29.6
20Central8 Man19-158.73.4
21Idaho1A II21-207.69.9
22Iowa8 Man0-07.50.1
23Missouri8 Man8-95.16.7
24Alabama8 Man10-1055.5
25Nebraska6 Man3-04.66.5
26TexasTCAL I17-113.9-0.8
27North CarolinaNCISAA 80-03.54.8
28South Dakota9AA58-5825.1
30ColoradoA-8 Man7-30.92
31North Dakota9 Man3-10.22.1
32MississippiMAIS 8 Man4-7-0.51.5
33Kansas8 Man II42-62-1-0.60.1
34South Dakota9A71-65-0.7-0.5
35TexasTCAF 28-16-2.32.2
36Tennessee8 Man11-4-2.7-5.5
37Los Angeles8 Man13-9-3.3-2.4
38Southern8 Man 234-61-4.21.3
39Alabama6 Man0-0-5.5-3.1
40TexasTAIAO 220-44-5.77.1
41South CarolinaSCISA 8 Man II21-13-5.9-4.5
42South CarolinaSCISA 8 Man I15-18-6.1-6.1
44GeorgiaGICAA 8 I41-9-8.7-11.4
45Central Coast8 Man0-1-9.4-6.6
46New Mexico6 Man4-0-9.8-9.4
47South Dakota9B51-57-10.7-6.1
48Michigan8 Man5-1-10.8-17
49ColoradoA-6 Man1-3-11-8.3
49Florida8 Man1-0-11-10.1
51TexasTCAL II22-23-11.5-9.8
52New Mexico8 Man1-2-12-10.3
53San Diego8 Man8-11-12.8-12
54Wyoming6 Man0-1-12.9-10.1
55Wisconsin8 Man11-10-15.4-15.2
56Hawaii8 Man0-1-15.5-15.2
57Arkansas8 Man5-4-16.3-15.8
58LouisianaCE 81-0-16.6-17.1
60Florida6 Man0-0-18.7-17.9
61ArizonaCAA II1-3-19.1-15.2
62ArizonaCAA I3-1-19.2-19
62Oklahoma8 Man14-32-19.2-12.9
64Kansas6 Man12-1-21.7-29.2
65Texas6 Man21-53-24.7-8.5
66Illinois8 Man7-10-26.2-21.5
67Mississippi8 Man4-5-28-17.6
68North Dakota6 Man0-6-29.4-7.4
69Prep SchoolsNEPSAC 8-Man0-0-30.4-29.8
70South Carolina8 Man2-8-30.6-29
71New York8 Man8-3-31.6-30.9
72Georgia8 Man4-12-34.8-20.2
73GeorgiaGICAA 8 II4-28-37.6-12.9
74Kentucky8 Man0-5-41.6-3.8