IMPORTANT NOTE: League ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league they are in is not a factor.

RankLeagueStatenon-league W-LTop 1000 non-league W-LTop 7000 non-league W-LAverage Ratingnon-league Schedule Strength
16A Region I District 7Texas25-1413-523-1340.837.1
26A Region IV District 25Texas22-198-719-1839.736.2
35A Region II District 15Texas27-136-820-1337.627.3
46A Region I District 5Texas16-143-1016-1437.439.4
46A Region IV District 27Texas21-135-720-1337.432.9
65A Region III District 18Texas26-177-924-1736.531.4
75A Region II District 10Texas23-133-1020-1336.429.4
76A Region I District 6Texas17-169-1216-1636.438.9
96A Region I District 2Texas21-152-1221-1535.933.2
106A Region II District 12Texas26-139-523-1335.832.1
106A Region II District 13Texas19-174-1218-1735.834.3
126A Region II District 11Texas17-141-1117-1435.134.7
136A Region I District 8Texas16-164-1214-1534.843.1
145A Region I District 4Texas27-141-725-143428.3
156A Region III District 24Texas22-101-517-1031.324.9
166A Region III District 19Texas18-175-1118-1731.132.8
176A Region I District 4Texas15-174-1014-1730.835.8
174A-1 Region III District 9Texas26-134-419-1230.825.3
196A Region III District 17Texas10-92-810-930.233
206A Region I District 3Texas17-181-1014-1829.430.5
214A-2 Region III District 12Texas29-123-019-1029.115.8
226A Region III District 21Texas19-155-615-142931.5
234A-1 Region IV District 13Texas31-111-217-92816.6
245A Region I District 6Texas21-167-318-1527.927.8
254A-2 Region II District 7Texas26-140-419-1426.619.5
256A Region IV District 26Texas18-171-916-1726.632.1
276A Region III District 23Texas17-162-815-1626.229.9
285A Region III District 23Texas21-154-612-1525.421.6
285A Region I District 3Texas14-140-1210-1425.428.1
305A Region III District 20Texas19-110-711-1125.122.7
31Southwest Prep 4ATexas16-91-18-824.916.4
326A Region III District 20Texas17-120-715-1224.625
335A Region IV District 27Texas25-162-416-1524.517.9
34TAPPS Division I District 1Texas20-193-614-1323.523.9
355A Region III District 17Texas16-181-1010-1823.429.5
36TAPPS Division II District 1Texas26-120-010-1023.210.8
375A Region III District 19Texas14-112-312-1022.625.2
384A-1 Region III District 12Texas24-130-416-1221.815.1
395A Region I District 5Texas16-207-815-2021.530.9
405A Region II District 13Texas18-140-614-1421.323.5
413A-1 Region II District 5Texas22-180-713-182119.1
423A-1 Region III District 10Texas23-140-517-1220.618.2
426A Region II District 15Texas14-184-812-1520.628.2
444A-2 Region I District 2Texas26-131-111-720.410.5
444A-1 Region III District 10Texas14-200-1010-2020.427.3
464A-1 Region I District 3Texas13-222-511-2219.927.8
475A Region III District 22Texas13-120-69-1219.824.8
486A Region II District 10Texas17-170-415-1619.322.8
495A Region II District 9Texas16-130-411-1219.220.8
495A Region IV District 26Texas20-140-411-1419.217.4
514A-1 Region II District 7Texas19-170-612-1619.120.8
525A Region I District 8Texas20-143-514-1217.917.6
526A Region II District 16Texas8-241-117-2317.931.8
544A-2 Region III District 9Texas18-190-713-1917.821
554A-1 Region I District 1Texas19-16-10-49-16-117.315.1
564A-1 Region II District 8Texas16-212-513-181720.3
57TAPPS Division I District 3Texas17-160-513-1116.917.7
586A Region II District 14Texas14-221-58-2216.826.1
596A Region I District 1Texas10-190-98-1916.630.5
606A Region IV District 28Texas17-280-611-2516.224.8
604A-1 Region I District 4Texas17-190-211-1616.219.4
625A Region III District 21Texas12-110-58-1015.921.9
634A-2 Region I District 3Texas21-160-28-1615.814.6
646A Region II District 9Texas9-220-88-2215.731.3
653A-1 Region III District 9Texas19-151-210-1215.112.4
663A-1 Region IV District 14Texas26-161-211-11159.2
673A-2 Region I District 4Texas21-150-012-1414.49.9
684A-2 Region IV District 13Texas22-191-114-1614.112.2
696A Region IV District 32Texas21-130-313-1113.713.9
705A Region II District 14Texas13-160-58-1413.520.4
714A-2 Region IV District 15Texas24-170-316-1313.39.4
714A-2 Region II District 5Texas18-200-311-1813.315.5
733A-2 Region III District 10Texas24-150-012-10138.9
743A-2 Region III District 9Texas26-121-212-812.75.5
742A-1 Region I District 4Texas29-130-010-1112.72.9
764A-1 Region II District 6Texas21-161-312-1211.311.9
776A Region IV District 29Texas17-171-112-1410.713.3
78Southwest Prep 3ATexas8-60-02-410.69.4
786A Region III District 22Texas9-240-77-2010.626.4
784A-2 Region III District 10Texas13-230-510-1910.620.4
81TAPPS Division II District 2Texas20-140-36-1310.48.6
823A-2 Region IV District 14Texas25-140-19-109.74.1
834A-2 Region III District 11Texas14-210-47-189.518.8
844A-2 Region II District 8Texas15-210-510-199.417
855A Region II District 16Texas7-251-66-249.329.3
86TAPPS Division II District 3Texas24-120-27-89.21.8
875A Region IV District 30 - NorthTexas20-161-115-128.68.2
886A Region III District 18Texas10-243-65-208.423.6
883A-2 Region I District 1Texas22-190-110-148.46.8
903A-1 Region I District 4Texas19-201-09-198.29
913A-1 Region II District 7Texas21-170-19-118.16.7
912A-1 Region IV District 15Texas27-140-110-88.1-2.1
933A-1 Region III District 11Texas16-190-39-147.612
945A Region I District 2Texas12-130-33-126.912
954A-1 Region IV District 14Texas17-180-28-156.610.1
964A-1 Region IV District 15Texas22-160-22-125.73.8
973A-1 Region II District 8Texas18-180-14-145.39.4
982A-1 Region II District 7Texas27-130-16-65.1-0.8
993A-1 Region II District 6Texas17-120-05-753.6
1004A-1 Region II District 5Texas16-231-310-154.514.5
1014A-2 Region I District 1Texas12-22-10-26-184.217.1
102TAPPS Division I District 2Texas22-100-24-84.1-3.9
1033A-2 Region II District 6Texas24-160-010-73.5-0.9
1043A-1 Region I District 1Texas16-230-03-202.59
1053A-2 Region II District 5Texas21-150-24-102.4-0.3
106TAPPS Division II District 4Texas18-180-05-152.23.9
1072A-1 Region III District 11Texas23-160-05-122-1
1075A Region IV District 29Texas18-180-26-1628.5
1094A-2 Region II District 6Texas17-180-22-161.76.4
1092A-1 Region III District 12Texas25-140-18-61.7-4.1
1115A Region IV District 30 - SouthTexas15-200-34-171.54.7
1126A Region IV District 31Texas13-150-04-121.16.6
1133A-2 Region IV District 13Texas16-210-03-170.76.7
1142A-1 Region I District 2Texas23-170-06-100.6-2.7
1153A-1 Region III District 12Texas14-200-15-150.59.5
1163A-2 Region I District 3Texas19-180-04-9-0.13.4
1172A-1 Region I District 1Texas20-150-04-10-0.5-1.9
1185A Region IV District 31Texas14-110-04-7-0.62.1
1193A-1 Region I District 3Texas12-220-04-17-0.910.8
1196A Region IV District 30Texas12-200-05-17-0.99
1195A Region I District 7Texas13-150-41-11-0.97.2
1193A-2 Region III District 12Texas19-160-11-10-0.90
1233A-1 Region IV District 15Texas20-170-13-9-1-0.4
1244A-2 Region I District 4Texas11-250-11-21-1.111.4
1252A-1 Region II District 8Texas20-170-08-8-1.9-0.3
1262A-2 Region II District 7Texas21-170-03-8-2.1-3.2
1275A Region I District 1Texas15-140-13-7-2.41.3
1283A-1 Region I District 2Texas14-230-16-11-2.86
1294A-2 Region IV District 16Texas16-170-03-13-3.12.1
1295A Region IV District 25Texas11-220-26-16-3.111.2
1314A-2 Region IV District 14Texas19-160-12-6-3.40
1325A Region IV District 32Texas11-200-25-13-3.66.3
1333A-2 Region II District 8Texas20-190-14-7-4.1-4.4
1342A-2 Region II District 5Texas19-210-07-7-5.1-1.8
135TAPPS Division III District 2Texas28-130-02-8-5.2-14.6
1364A-1 Region I District 2Texas19-170-15-7-5.4-0.9
1373A-1 Region IV District 13Texas10-240-11-16-6.45.8
1382A-1 Region IV District 14Texas21-170-23-8-6.7-8.2
1392A-2 Region II District 6Texas22-150-02-9-6.8-8.7
1403A-1 Region IV District 16Texas15-210-11-11-7.1-2.1
1412A-2 Region I District 2Texas27-130-06-4-7.2-14.3
1412A-1 Region I District 3Texas16-160-00-10-7.2-1.6
1434A-1 Region IV District 16Texas12-210-11-15-7.52.9
1442A-2 Region III District 10Texas25-150-05-3-8-14.7
1452A-2 Region III District 11Texas21-150-01-7-8.1-10.2
1453A-2 Region IV District 15Texas17-19-10-02-6-8.1-4.8
1472A-2 Region II District 8Texas20-170-01-8-8.5-6.2
1483A-2 Region IV District 16Texas22-130-12-4-8.7-8.6
1492A-1 Region IV District 13Texas16-210-01-10-9.1-4.5
1503A-2 Region I District 2Texas8-250-01-18-9.86.2
1502A-2 Region I District 4Texas21-200-01-9-9.8-8.3
1525A Region II District 11Texas13-230-61-12-102.5
1534A-1 Region III District 11Texas11-210-41-13-10.54.1
1545A Region IV District 28Texas3-190-11-12-11.616.9
1555A Region III District 24Texas5-160-30-9-11.78.4
1563A-2 Region II District 7Texas10-230-10-9-11.81.5
1572A-2 Region IV District 13Texas22-180-00-5-12.8-12.7
1582A-1 Region II District 5Texas11-260-02-12-15.1-1.7
1593A-2 Region III District 11Texas7-260-10-15-15.33
1602A-1 Region III District 10Texas14-230-10-11-15.5-8.4
161TAPPS Division III District 6Texas13-80-03-3-16.4-12.4
1625A Region II District 12Texas9-240-10-13-16.80
1632A-2 Region I District 3Texas16-190-00-7-17.6-11.2
1642A-1 Region II District 6Texas13-210-00-8-18.7-10.1
1652A-1 Region IV District 16Texas15-210-21-5-20.5-11.2
1662A-2 Region III District 9Texas13-240-10-8-20.6-6.8
166TAPPS Division III District 5Texas17-190-00-5-20.6-16.2
168TAPPS Division III District 4Texas13-220-00-8-20.7-11.7
1692A-2 Region III District 12Texas16-200-00-6-21.5-12.6
170TAPPS Division III District 1Texas17-200-00-4-21.8-16.1
1712A-2 Region IV District 15Texas16-230-00-9-23.6-18.5
1722A-2 Region IV District 14Texas17-160-00-1-24.6-22.9
1732A-1 Region III District 9Texas15-190-00-0-24.9-18.8
1742A-2 Region IV District 16Texas16-20-10-00-6-25-18.3
175TAPPS Division V District 1Texas26-330-00-8-25.4-22
1762A-2 Region I District 1Texas8-270-00-9-28-10.5
177TAPPS Division III District 3Texas10-230-00-7-28.4-13.4
178TCAL District 1Texas7-220-10-9-33.2-13.6