IMPORTANT NOTE: League ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league they are in is not a factor.

RankLeagueStatenon-league W-LTop 1000 non-league W-LTop 7000 non-league W-LAverage Ratingnon-league Schedule Strength
1North Jersey Super - United RedNew Jersey30-718-427-46247.8
2North Jersey Super - United WhiteNew Jersey11-190-179-1842.244.1
3Shore - North BNew Jersey27-80-616-827.913.7
4West Jersey - ContinentalNew Jersey19-132-313-1224.220.8
5West Jersey - AmericanNew Jersey15-160-108-1623.825.5
6Greater Middlesex - RedNew Jersey18-121-411-1023.719.3
7Mid-State 38 - DelawareNew Jersey18-140-59-1418.718.8
8Shore - North ANew Jersey19-131-410-1318.116.9
9Mid-State 38 - WatchungNew Jersey18-140-07-121813.3
10West Jersey - IndependenceNew Jersey22-110-412-917.413
11West Jersey - NationalNew Jersey17-171-011-1416.918.5
12West Jersey - CapitolNew Jersey22-120-210-816.311
13West Jersey - ConstitutionNew Jersey16-140-46-1415.419.4
14West Jersey - ColonialNew Jersey20-130-010-915.210.8
15Shore - Central BNew Jersey30-80-05-214.7-1.4
16Shore - South ANew Jersey13-140-49-1012.918.5
17Mid-State 38 - MountainNew Jersey19-120-08-1112.811.5
18North Jersey Super - Freedom RedNew Jersey17-160-36-1211.713.4
19North Jersey Super - Freedom WhiteNew Jersey25-141-116-711.68.8
19North Jersey Super - Patriot RedNew Jersey20-120-09-1011.68.1
21Shore - Central ANew Jersey14-170-28-139.815.7
22North Jersey Super - American WhiteNew Jersey22-10-10-06-4-19.43.1
23Mid-State 38 - RaritanNew Jersey14-180-24-17915
24North Jersey Super - National RedNew Jersey24-110-04-58.4-0.8
25North Jersey Super - American GoldNew Jersey20-140-16-38.22.8
26North Jersey Super - Freedom BlueNew Jersey16-160-47-137.48.6
27North Jersey Super - Patriot GoldNew Jersey20-150-18-127.16
28West Jersey - DiamondNew Jersey18-150-14-106.85.3
29Mid-State 38 - ValleyNew Jersey18-150-03-86.23.4
30North Jersey Super - Liberty BlueNew Jersey13-160-21-155.913.5
31West Jersey - LibertyNew Jersey15-160-33-115.311.3
32North Jersey Super - Patriot BlueNew Jersey14-171-54-124.99.4
33West Jersey - UnitedNew Jersey15-170-24-1546.7
34North Jersey Super - Liberty RedNew Jersey15-120-06-32.75.7
35West Jersey - RoyalNew Jersey11-200-34-172.313.8
36North Jersey Super - American RedNew Jersey17-150-03-81.81.2
37Greater Middlesex - WhiteNew Jersey4-160-11-131.124.9
38West Jersey - MemorialNew Jersey19-140-14-6-1.1-0.8
39West Jersey - PatriotNew Jersey12-200-03-8-1.73
40West Jersey - ValleyNew Jersey15-170-01-11-4.52.8
41North Jersey Super - National WhiteNew Jersey13-160-01-9-5.10
42North Jersey - LibertyNew Jersey11-9-10-02-4-6.5-4.3
43North Jersey Super - Patriot WhiteNew Jersey7-260-02-17-6.68.9
44North Jersey Super - American BlueNew Jersey9-21-10-11-14-1-6.73.7
45North Jersey - ColonialNew Jersey10-11-10-01-6-8.6-2.4
46Shore - South BNew Jersey6-180-00-11-9.36
47Greater Middlesex - BlueNew Jersey7-210-41-18-9.89
48North Jersey - MeadowlandsNew Jersey10-120-04-0-14.8-5.9
49West Jersey - ClassicNew Jersey10-190-00-11-14.9-4.3
50North Jersey - PatriotNew Jersey9-120-00-6-16.7-10.6
51North Jersey Super - United BlueNew Jersey8-210-41-8-18-1.8
52Mid-State 38 - UnionNew Jersey8-160-00-9-18.6-0.2
53West Jersey - FreedomNew Jersey6-240-00-6-20.4-6.3
54North Jersey Super - Liberty WhiteNew Jersey3-250-13-9-20.84