IMPORTANT NOTE: League and division ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league/division.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league and division they are in are not factors.

RankStateDivisionNon-Division W-L

(top 50 teams in division only)
Average Rating

(top 50 teams in division only)
Average Schedule Strength

(top 50 teams in division only)
1New JerseyNon-Public Group 441-2540.539.6
2New JerseyNon-Public Group 346-3724.924.9
3New JerseySouth Group 542-4421.725.2
4New JerseySouth Group 461-4220.221.1
5New JerseyCentral Group 527-3918.223.3
6New JerseyNorth I Group 338-3513.715.8
7New JerseySouth Group 366-5411.611.7
8New JerseyNorth I Group 448-3611.513.1
8New JerseyCentral Group 354-4411.513.4
10New JerseyNorth II Group 449-6311.116.4
11New JerseySouth Group 246-401112.7
12New JerseyCentral Group 256-447.78.9
13New JerseyCentral Group 438-657.113.9
14New JerseyNorth I Group 528-195.77
15New JerseyNorth I Group 255-35-15.25
16New JerseyNorth II Group 524-49412
17New JerseyNon-Public Group 253-433.23.9
18New JerseySouth Group 135-3235.7
19New JerseyNorth II Group 248-40-11.43.1
20New JerseyNorth I Group 150-23-0.3-2.6
21New JerseyNorth II Group 333-64-4.43.9
22New JerseyCentral Group 130-50-7.6-1.4
23New JerseyNorth II Group 132-68-12.8-2.5
24New Jerseynone0-6-30.2-11.2