IMPORTANT NOTE: League ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league they are in is not a factor.

RankLeagueStatenon-league W-LTop 50 non-league W-LTop 350 non-league W-LAverage Ratingnon-league Schedule Strength
1Eastern C (8 Man)Montana8-50-22-424.935.6
2Western C (8 Man)Montana5-50-12-51926.2
3Eastern 6-Man (6 Man)Montana16-80-22-616.58
4Southern C (8 Man)Montana4-30-03-38.337.7
5Northern 6-Man (6 Man)Montana9-100-40-76.322.8
6Northern C (8 Man)Montana3-40-11-45.852.2
7Western 6-Man (6 Man)Montana11-70-04-22.73.5
8Southern 6-Man (6 Man)Montana10-140-02-3-9.86.3