IMPORTANT NOTE: League ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league they are in is not a factor.

RankLeagueStatenon-league W-LTop 1000 non-league W-LTop 7000 non-league W-LAverage Ratingnon-league Schedule Strength
1Big North - UnitedNew Jersey30-615-527-561.743.6
2Mid-State 38 - DelawareNew Jersey20-95-517-932.925.8
3West Jersey - NationalNew Jersey25-111-721-932.825.1
4Colonial - LibertyNew Jersey24-113-210-431.218.8
5Shore - North BNew Jersey20-134-515-1330.925.6
6Shore - South ANew Jersey18-103-49-930.224.8
7West Jersey - AmericanNew Jersey17-183-816-1829.727.8
8Big North - IndependenceNew Jersey21-125-514-1029.626.5
9West Jersey - ColonialNew Jersey27-84-417-727.517.9
10Mid-State 38 - WatchungNew Jersey13-152-610-1326.731.6
11Shore - North ANew Jersey19-132-413-122625.3
12Shore - Central ANew Jersey19-140-214-1324.620
13Greater Middlesex - WhiteNew Jersey15-90-310-824.324
14Super Essex - AmericanNew Jersey19-142-511-1423.622.5
15Cape-Atlantic - AmericanNew Jersey11-81-48-822.428.2
16Northwest Jersey - NationalNew Jersey27-152-710-1321.417.7
17Big North - PatriotNew Jersey22-130-214-1120.516
18Greater Middlesex - RedNew Jersey10-101-56-920.227.8
19Hudson County - NationalNew Jersey21-134-412-1219.716.8
20Big North - NationalNew Jersey17-140-69-1218.918.4
21Big North - ColonialNew Jersey14-180-67-1718.722.2
22Cape-Atlantic - NationalNew Jersey13-150-48-1316.419.5
22West Jersey - RoyalNew Jersey14-161-25-1616.420.1
24West Jersey - ConstitutionNew Jersey6-230-112-2213.833.2
25West Jersey - DiamondNew Jersey12-180-58-1713.123.5
26Super Essex - LibertyNew Jersey13-170-43-171317.4
27Mid-State 38 - RaritanNew Jersey18-130-08-1111.912.5
28Mid-State 38 - MountainNew Jersey16-180-06-1310.311.9
28Colonial - PatriotNew Jersey11-211-74-1710.322.3
30Big North - AmericanNew Jersey14-170-73-138.914.7
31Northwest Jersey - AmericanNew Jersey12-260-46-228.821.9
32Big North - FreedomNew Jersey14-150-81-108.111.1
33North Jersey - ColonialNew Jersey19-110-14-77.84.5
34Greater Middlesex - BlueNew Jersey19-140-05-117.45.7
35Northwest Jersey - IndependenceNew Jersey27-190-08-116.94.7
35Super Essex - ColonialNew Jersey15-170-05-146.97.4
37Shore - Central BNew Jersey15-180-16-135.99.6
38West Jersey - PatriotNew Jersey13-160-41-135.79
39West Jersey - ClassicNew Jersey16-180-36-84.711.2
40Big North - LibertyNew Jersey10-201-36-184.515.6
41Northwest Jersey - FreedomNew Jersey18-230-44-183.29.7
42Shore - South BNew Jersey4-210-43-182.924.4
43West Jersey - LibertyNew Jersey17-150-04-60.73.4
44Hudson County - AmericanNew Jersey15-180-36-9-0.17.3
45North Jersey - MeadowlandsNew Jersey17-140-01-6-1-2.7
46Mid-State 38 - ValleyNew Jersey8-130-03-10-1.611.8
47West Jersey - FreedomNew Jersey16-150-00-11-1.70.9
48West Jersey - ValleyNew Jersey7-230-11-19-5.212.4
49North Jersey - LibertyNew Jersey8-200-00-14-66
50Super Essex - IndependenceNew Jersey8-200-11-13-107
51North Jersey - PatriotNew Jersey9-190-04-8-11.8-1.7