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12South Panola (Batesville, MS)   team preview15-0593587621211
Last: 12/03 beat Meridian (MS) 28-7 [6A Championship]
13Aquinas [St. Thomas] (Fort Lauderdale, FL)   team preview15-0593583412123
Last: 12/17 beat Plant [Henry B.] (Tampa, FL) 29-7 [5A Championship]
36De La Salle (Concord, CA)   team preview14-0587561143542
Last: 12/18 beat Servite (Anaheim, CA) 48-8 [Bowl Open Championship]
45Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, NJ)   team preview12-0577572336467
Last: 12/03 beat Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ) 37-27 [Non-Public IV Championship]
54St. Edward (Lakewood, OH)   team preview15-05735742943312
Last: 12/04 beat Wayne (Huber Heights, OH) 35-28 [I Championship]
619Pearland (TX)   team preview16-05603471455679
Last: 12/18 beat Trinity (Euless, TX) 28-24 [5A-I Championship]
79Wheaton-Warrenville South (Wheaton, IL)   team preview14-0537534121312111110
Last: 11/27 beat Lake Zurich (IL) 28-17 [7A Championship]
810Phoebus (Hampton, VA)   team preview15-0535530226109186
Last: 12/11 beat Stone Bridge (Ashburn, VA) 36-17 [5 Championship]
91Trinity (Euless, TX)   team preview15-153459417111114811
Last: 12/18 lost to Pearland (TX) 28-24 [5A-I Championship]
1012Mullen [J. K.] (Denver, CO)   team preview14-05325269121671614
Last: 12/04 beat Regis Jesuit (Aurora, CO) 37-6 [5A Championship]
1120Central (Miami, FL)   team preview14-15293441516915148
Last: 12/18 beat Dr. Phillips (Orlando, FL) 42-27 [6A Championship]
1214Daphne (AL)   team preview15-0518502112014181213
Last: 12/03 beat Hoover (AL) 7-6 [6A Championship]
1310Bingham (South Jordan, UT)   team preview13-046853027101310104
Last: 11/19 beat Fremont (Plain City, UT) 30-7 [5A Championship]
1415Butler [David W.] (Matthews, NC)   team preview16-04524453581713916
Last: 12/11 beat Wake Forest-Rolesville (Wake Forest, NC) 44-0 [4AA Championship]
1515Hamilton (Chandler, AZ)   team preview15-0451445--7218135
Last: 12/13 beat Desert Ridge (Mesa, AZ) 21-13 [5A-I Championship]
1629Folsom (CA)   team preview14-14481315187172620
Last: 12/18 beat Serra [Junipero] (Gardena, CA) 48-20 [Bowl II Championship]
1726Jefferson [Thomas] (Tampa, FL)   team preview15-0418187817182123--
Last: 12/17 beat Norland (Miami, FL) 44-34 [3A Championship]
1818Northwestern (Rock Hill, SC)   team preview15-0365370--148125--
Last: 12/03 beat Greenwood (SC) 42-10 [AAAA II Championship]
1971Palo Alto (CA)   team preview14-035510133019162821
Last: 12/17 beat Centennial (Corona, CA) 15-13 [Bowl I Championship]
2021Acadiana (Lafayette, LA)   team preview14-13483401045152417--
Last: 12/11 beat West Monroe (LA) 21-14 [5A Championship]
217Centennial (Corona, CA)   team preview14-1265546204424W 43024
Last: 12/17 lost to Palo Alto (CA) 15-13 [Bowl I Championship]
2223Rockhurst (Kansas City, MO)   team preview14-02562501819--2074--
Last: 11/27 beat Hazelwood Central (Florissant, MO) 10-7 [6 Championship]
2325Stony Point (Round Rock, TX)   team preview14-1251202192320--34--
Last: 12/11 lost to Trinity (Euless, TX) 28-24 [5A-I Playoffs]
2438Harrison (Farmington Hills, MI)   team preview14-023098--25--2325--
Last: 11/26 beat Lowell (MI) 38-28 [2 Championship]
2547Aledo (TX)   team preview16-019582461522SW 768--
Last: 12/17 beat La Marque (TX) 69-34 [4A-II Championship]
2627Cocoa (FL)   team preview14-01931863721--SE 82918
Last: 12/11 beat Glades Central (Belle Glade, FL) 14-13 [2A Championship]
2741Chaparral (Scottsdale, AZ)   team preview14-018197--22--1939W 10
Last: 12/13 beat Centennial (Peoria, AZ) 32-17 [5A-II Championship]
2828Coppell (TX)   team preview13-11781832531--SW 819--
Last: 12/03 lost to Trinity (Euless, TX) 41-40 [5A-I Playoffs]
2931Bentonville (AR)   team preview13-01761112147--2548--
Last: 12/03 beat Fayetteville (AR) 49-28 [7A Championship]
3030Union (Tulsa, OK)   team preview13-1128116302923SW 1069MW 5
Last: 12/03 beat Jenks (OK) 50-47 [6A Championship]
317Servite (Anaheim, CA)   team preview14-1124546741--W 531--
Last: 12/18 lost to De La Salle (Concord, CA) 48-8 [Bowl Open Championship]
3253North Allegheny (Wexford, PA)   team preview15-11123036----NE 27319
Last: 12/18 beat La Salle (Wyndmoor, PA) 21-0 [AAAA Championship]
3331Alcoa (TN)   team preview15-01091114838--2279--
Last: 12/03 beat Goodpasture Christian (Madison, TN) 56-14 [3A Championship]
3422Mission Viejo (CA)   team preview13-11082592350--W 738--
Last: 12/11 lost to Servite (Anaheim, CA) 41-27 [Pac-5 (I) Championship]
3548Ursuline (Youngstown, OH)   team preview15-0107404424--MW 1033--
Last: 12/04 beat Coldwater (OH) 51-21 [V Championship]
3553Katy (TX)   team preview13-1107304328--SW 924--
Last: 12/04 lost to Pearland (TX) 38-35 [5A-I Playoffs]
3753Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV)   team preview13-210630--3325SW 627--
Last: 12/04 beat McQueen (Reno, NV) 40-0 [4A Championship]
3733Byrnes [James F.] (Duncan, SC)   team preview12-3106106------E 54015
Last: 12/04 beat Dorman (Roebuck, SC) 34-14 [AAAA I Championship]
3734Hoover (AL)   team preview14-11061032942----15--
Last: 12/03 lost to Daphne (AL) 7-6 [6A Championship]
3771Lake Travis (Austin, TX)   team preview14-2106104740----5025
Last: 12/18 beat Ryan [Billy] (Denton, TX) 27-7 [4A-I Championship]
4134Trinity (Louisville, KY)   team preview14-110510316----MW 867--
Last: 12/04 beat Male (Louisville, KY) 38-0 [6A Championship]
4236Fishers (IN)   team preview14-1104101------MW 68417
Last: 11/27 beat Lawrence Central (Indianapolis, IN) 38-19 [5A Championship]
4313Dr. Phillips (Orlando, FL)   team preview14-11005144927----21--
Last: 12/18 lost to Central (Miami, FL) 42-27 [6A Championship]
4438Everett (MA)   team preview12-09998------NE 810022
Last: 12/04 beat St. John's Prep (Danvers, MA) 31-7 [E-I Championship]
4541Brookwood (Snellville, GA)   team preview14-19897--34----4323
Last: 12/11 beat Colquitt County (Moultrie, GA) 52-38 [AAAAA Championship]
4638Wayne (Huber Heights, OH)   team preview11-4979824----MW 437--
Last: 12/04 lost to St. Edward (Lakewood, OH) 35-28 [I Championship]
4746West Monroe (LA)   team preview14-19187--48----20--
Last: 12/11 lost to Acadiana (Lafayette, LA) 21-14 [5A Championship]
4871Meridian (MS)   team preview14-17910--------22--
Last: 12/03 lost to South Panola (Batesville, MS) 28-7 [6A Championship]
4948Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ)   team preview10-2404034----NE 459E 4
Last: 12/03 lost to Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, NJ) 37-27 [Non-Public IV Championship]
4953Allentown Central Catholic (Allentown, PA)   team preview16-0403042----NE 391E 5
Last: 12/17 beat Bishop McDevitt (Harrisburg, PA) 28-27 [AAA Championship]
4948East Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids, MI)   team preview14-04040--32--MW 549MW 7
Last: 11/27 beat St. Mary Prep (Orchard Lake, MI) 35-27 [3 Championship]
4948Dowling (West Des Moines, IA)   team preview14-04040--43--ML 788MW 4
Last: 11/19 beat Iowa City (IA) 38-31 [4A Championship]
5361Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, CA)   team preview12-23020------W 845W 9
Last: 12/10 beat Westlake (Westlake Village, CA) 29-28 [Northern (III) Championship]
5353Wayzata (Plymouth, MN)   team preview11-03030------ML 576MW 6
Last: 11/26 beat Rosemount (MN) 31-14 [AAAAA Championship]
5361Ferris [Joel E.] (Spokane, WA)   team preview14-03020------W 1089W 8
Last: 12/04 beat Skyline (Sammamish, WA) 24-16 [4A Championship]
5353Glenville (Cleveland, OH)   team preview11-13030--37--MW 753--
Last: 11/13 lost to St. Edward (Lakewood, OH) 42-22 [I Playoffs]
5348Jenks (OK)   team preview13-13040--36----93MW 9
Last: 12/03 lost to Union (Tulsa, OK) 50-47 [6A Championship]
5861Heights (Wichita, KS)   team preview13-02020------ML 490--
Last: 11/27 beat North (Olathe, KS) 48-14 [6A Championship]
5861Blue Valley (Stilwell, KS)   team preview12-12020------ML 9--MW 8
Last: 11/27 beat Carroll (Wichita, KS) 35-14 [5A Championship]
5861Hillside (Durham, NC)   team preview16-02020------E 644--
Last: 12/11 beat Davie (Mocksville, NC) 40-0 [4A Championship]
5871Battlefield (Haymarket, VA)   team preview13-22010------E 786--
Last: 12/11 beat Hermitage (Richmond, VA) 26-7 [6 Championship]
5871Steele [Byron P.] (Cibolo, TX)   team preview14-22010--49----46--
Last: 12/18 beat Guyer [John H.] (Denton, TX) 24-21 [5A-II Championship]
5871Sandy Creek (Tyrone, GA)   team preview15-02010------SE 1072--
Last: 12/11 beat Carrollton (GA) 14-7 [AAA Championship]
5843Manatee (Bradenton, FL)   team preview13-12096--26----32--
Last: 12/10 lost to Aquinas [St. Thomas] (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 31-7 [5A Playoffs]
5861Alemany (Mission Hills, CA)   team preview12-12020------W 652--
Last: 12/04 lost to Servite (Anaheim, CA) 28-21 [Pac-5 (I) Playoffs]
5845Guyer [John H.] (Denton, TX)   team preview13-3209039------47--
Last: 12/18 lost to Steele [Byron P.] (Cibolo, TX) 24-21 [5A-II Championship]
5817Armwood (Seffner, FL)   team preview14-12043840------64--
Last: 12/18 lost to Lincoln (Tallahassee, FL) 17-14 [4A Championship]
58--Chattahoochee (Alpharetta, GA)   team preview15-020----46--SE 9----
Last: 12/10 beat Starr's Mill (Fayetteville, GA) 24-0 [AAAA Championship]
5861Grant (Sacramento, CA)   team preview13-12020--35----51--
Last: 12/03 lost to Folsom (CA) 41-20 [II Championship]
5837La Salle (Wyndmoor, PA)   team preview13-220100------NE 5--E 9
Last: 12/18 lost to North Allegheny (Wexford, PA) 21-0 [AAAA Championship]
5861Aquinas Institute (Rochester, NY)   team preview13-02020------NE 7--E 7
Last: 11/26 beat Harrison (NY) 24-13 [A Championship]
5853Hazelwood Central (Florissant, MO)   team preview13-12030--39--ML 6----
Last: 11/27 lost to Rockhurst (Kansas City, MO) 10-7 [6 Championship]
7371Waunakee (WI)   team preview14-01010------MW 9----
Last: 11/19 beat Cedarburg (WI) 48-7 [2 Championship]
7371South Pointe (Rock Hill, SC)   team preview13-21010--------82--
Last: 12/04 lost to Myrtle Beach (SC) 27-23 [AAA Championship]
7371Martinsburg (WV)   team preview14-01010------E 9----
Last: 12/11 beat Brooke (Wellsburg, WV) 30-0 [AAA Championship]
7371North Penn (Lansdale, PA)   team preview13-21010------NE 10----
Last: 12/11 lost to La Salle (Wyndmoor, PA) 38-35 [AAAA Playoffs]
7371West Point (MS)   team preview14-11010--------80--
Last: 12/04 beat Brookhaven (MS) 21-3 [5A Championship]
73--St. Augustine (FL)   team preview13-110----------71--
Last: 12/10 lost to Jefferson [Thomas] (Tampa, FL) 28-27 [3A Playoffs]
7371Maine South (Park Ridge, IL)   team preview12-21010--------97--
Last: 11/27 beat Mount Carmel (Chicago, IL) 28-7 [8A Championship]
7371Millard North (Omaha, NE)   team preview11-21010------ML 8----
Last: 11/22 beat Millard South (Omaha, NE) 28-20 [A Championship]
7371More [St. Thomas] (Lafayette, LA)   team preview13-11010--------55--
Last: 12/03 lost to Acadiana (Lafayette, LA) 31-0 [5A Playoffs]
73--Lincoln (Tallahassee, FL)   team preview11-410----------63--
Last: 12/18 beat Armwood (Seffner, FL) 17-14 [4A Championship]
7324Serra [Junipero] (Gardena, CA)   team preview14-110206--------62--
Last: 12/18 lost to Folsom (CA) 48-20 [Bowl II Championship]
7371Trinity Catholic (Ocala, FL)   team preview14-0101041----------
Last: 12/11 beat University (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 56-55 [2B Championship]
7371Calvert Hall (Baltimore, MD)   team preview11-11010----------E 10
Last: 11/25 beat Loyola Blakefield (Towson, MD) 41-13
7371West Rowan (Mt. Ulla, NC)   team preview16-01010--------95--
Last: 12/11 beat Eastern Alamance (Mebane, NC) 34-7 [3A Championship]
7371Lee's Summit West (Lee's Summit, MO)   team preview14-11010----------MW 10
Last: 11/26 beat Webster Groves (MO) 44-21 [5 Championship]
7371Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, MD)   team preview10-21010--------83--
Last: 11/21 beat DeMatha (Hyattsville, MD) 42-3 [WCAC Championship]
7371Gilman (Baltimore, MD)   team preview7-2101050----------
Last: 11/06 beat McDonogh (Owings Mills, MD) 42-6
7371Evangel Christian Academy (Shreveport, LA)   team preview12-21010--------70--
Last: 12/10 beat Curtis [John] (River Ridge, LA) 28-14 [2A Championship]
7371Madison Central (Madison, MS)   team preview12-21010--------98--
Last: 11/26 lost to South Panola (Batesville, MS) 43-7 [6A Playoffs]
7371Greenwood (SC)   team preview13-21010--------57--
Last: 12/03 lost to Northwestern (Rock Hill, SC) 42-10 [AAAA II Championship]
7371St. Xavier (Cincinnati, OH)   team preview7-5101031----------
Last: 11/20 lost to Wayne (Huber Heights, OH) 28-24 [I Playoffs]
7371Columbus [Christopher] (Miami, FL)   team preview10-11010--------56--
Last: 11/18 lost to Northwestern (Miami, FL) 27-24 [6A Playoffs]
7371Dorman (Roebuck, SC)   team preview14-11010--------41--
Last: 12/04 lost to Byrnes [James F.] (Duncan, SC) 34-14 [AAAA I Championship]
7371Ensworth (Nashville, TN)   team preview10-2101028----------
Last: 12/02 beat Baylor (Chattanooga, TN) 28-21 [II-AA Championship]
7371Holy Spirit (Absecon, NJ)   team preview12-01010------NE 9----
Last: 12/03 beat St. Joseph Regional (Montvale, NJ) 14-13 [Non-Public III Championship]
7371Brownwood (TX)   team preview14-1101038----------
Last: 12/10 lost to Carthage (TX) 35-28 [3A-II Playoffs]
7371St. Mark's (Wilmington, DE)   team preview12-01010----------E 6
Last: 12/04 beat Middletown (DE) 37-25 [I Championship]
7371Myrtle Beach (SC)   team preview14-11010--------42--
Last: 12/04 beat South Pointe (Rock Hill, SC) 27-23 [AAA Championship]
7371Centennial (Peoria, AZ)   team preview12-21010--------78--
Last: 12/13 lost to Chaparral (Scottsdale, AZ) 32-17 [5A-II Championship]
73--Shiloh Christian (Springdale, AR)   team preview14-110----------96--
Last: 12/10 beat Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR) 61-40 [4A Championship]
7371Urbana (Ijamsville, MD)   team preview13-01010------E 4----
Last: 12/03 beat Wise [Dr. Henry A.] (Upper Marlboro, MD) 6-0 [4A Championship]
7371Davidson [W. P.] (Mobile, AL)   team preview12-21010--------81--
Last: 11/26 lost to Daphne (AL) 47-14 [6A Playoffs]
7371St. John's (Delphos, OH)   team preview15-0101045----------
Last: 12/03 beat Shadyside (OH) 77-6 [VI Championship]
7371Westlake (Westlake Village, CA)   team preview12-21010--------58--
Last: 12/10 lost to Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, CA) 29-28 [Northern (III) Championship]
73--Buford (GA)   team preview14-110----------99--
Last: 12/10 beat Calhoun (GA) 31-24 [AA Championship]
7371Northwestern (Miami, FL)   team preview9-31010--------54--
Last: 11/26 lost to Central (Miami, FL) 42-27 [6A Playoffs]
7371Colerain (Cincinnati, OH)   team preview11-1101032----------
Last: 11/13 lost to St. Xavier (Cincinnati, OH) 24-23 [I Playoffs]
7371Coeur d'Alene (ID)   team preview11-11010------ML 10----
Last: 11/19 beat Centennial (Boise, ID) 28-7 [5A Championship]
7371St. Louis (Honolulu, HI)   team preview11-11010--------92--
Last: 11/26 beat Wai'anae (HI) 36-13 [I Championship]
7371Goose Creek (SC)   team preview13-11010--------36--
Last: 11/26 lost to Northwestern (Rock Hill, SC) 41-34 [AAAA II Playoffs]
7371North Augusta (SC)   team preview12-21010--------77--
Last: 11/26 lost to Greenwood (SC) 34-21 [AAAA II Playoffs]
7371Hilliard Davidson (Hilliard, OH)   team preview13-11010--------60--
Last: 11/27 lost to Wayne (Huber Heights, OH) 28-14 [I Playoffs]
7371Hermitage (Richmond, VA)   team preview13-11010------E 10----
Last: 12/11 lost to Battlefield (Haymarket, VA) 26-7 [6 Championship]
7371North Shore (Houston, TX)   team preview11-21010--------87--
Last: 11/27 lost to Katy (TX) 32-27 [5A-I Playoffs]
7371Pickerington Central (Pickerington, OH)   team preview11-11010--------61--
Last: 11/20 lost to Hilliard Davidson (Hilliard, OH) 13-6 [I Playoffs]
7371Bellevue (WA)   team preview13-1101033----------
Last: 12/03 beat Kamiakin (Kennewick, WA) 38-0 [3A Championship]
73--Central Catholic (Pittsburgh, PA)   team preview11-110--------NE 6----
Last: 11/19 lost to North Allegheny (Wexford, PA) 17-7 [AAAA Playoffs]
7371Kahuku (HI)   team preview10-01010------W 9----
Last: 10/29 beat Leilehua (Wahiawa, HI) 46-16
7344Dwyer [William T.] (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)   team preview12-21094--------65--
Last: 12/10 lost to Armwood (Seffner, FL) 22-20 [4A Playoffs]
7371Dinwiddie (VA)   team preview12-11010------E 8----
Last: 12/04 lost to Phoebus (Hampton, VA) 21-13 [5 Playoffs]
7371St. Bonaventure (Ventura, CA)   team preview11-21010--------75--
Last: 12/03 lost to Westlake (Westlake Village, CA) 37-27 [Northern (III) Playoffs]
7371Franklinton (LA)   team preview14-11010--------35--
Last: 12/11 beat Karr [Edna] (New Orleans, LA) 34-28 [4A Championship]
7371Peach County (Fort Valley, GA)   team preview13-11010--------94--
Last: 12/03 lost to Sandy Creek (Tyrone, GA) 35-17 [AAA Playoffs]
7371Cherokee (Marlton, NJ)   team preview12-01010----------E 8
Last: 12/04 beat Oakcrest (Mays Landing, NJ) 33-6 [South IV Championship]
7371Carthage (TX)   team preview14-2101026----------
Last: 12/17 beat Coldspring-Oakhurst (Coldspring, TX) 47-22 [3A-II Championship]
7361Allen (TX)   team preview10-21020--------66--
Last: 11/20 lost to Trinity (Euless, TX) 37-35 [5A-I Playoffs]

Scoring for compilation chart: 100 points for being ranked 1st on a particular list, 99 for 2nd, etc., down to 76 for 25th.  10 points for each HM or regional mention.