IMPORTANT NOTE: League ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league they are in is not a factor.

RankLeagueStatenon-league W-LTop 1000 non-league W-LTop 7000 non-league W-LAverage Ratingnon-league Schedule Strength
15A Region I District 8Texas29-1418-1328-1457.140.4
24A Region II District 13Texas31-1118-931-115431.7
35A Region I District 6Texas22-149-1422-145336.9
45A Region II District 16Texas20-118-1020-115128.3
55A Region III District 17Texas31-109-629-850.828.2
65A Region II District 11Texas17-208-1917-2047.139.1
74A Region II District 16Texas22-128-919-1245.322.9
85A Region II District 10Texas21-138-1020-1343.429
95A Region I District 5Texas19-127-1019-1243.227.8
104A Region IV District 25Texas34-1010-229-942.618.4
113A Region II District 9Texas30-135-1021-1341.619
124A Region II District 14Texas19-167-1318-1641.135.6
125A Region IV District 26Texas20-106-617-941.116.5
145A Region I District 4Texas21-174-1320-1740.826.3
154A Region IV District 27Texas24-114-1121-1140.715.5
155A Region II District 14Texas16-154-1014-1540.730.7
175A Region I District 7Texas14-219-1514-2140.136.4
185A Region II District 15Texas8-157-108-1539.431.3
193A Region IV District 25Texas31-90-425-839.216
204A Region II District 10Texas18-165-918-1638.622.4
215A Region II District 12Texas13-188-1512-1838.227.9
225A Region II District 13Texas12-106-712-1038.121.4
234A Region I District 5Texas19-163-1218-1636.521.5
245A Region I District 2Texas10-81-610-836.41
254A Region I District 4Texas25-172-924-1735.319.4
255A Region III District 23ATexas15-125-411-1235.323.5
273A Region I District 2Texas21-184-1319-1835.123.7
283A Region III District 17Texas23-134-718-1334.922.3
293A Region III District 19Texas21-183-820-1734.722.7
295A Region III District 21Texas12-126-712-1234.727.2
315A Region IV District 25Texas11-203-1211-2033.224
323A Region III District 18Texas18-194-1018-1633.123
334A Region II District 9Texas15-153-814-1531.919.1
335A Region II District 9Texas17-1610-615-1231.919.5
354A Region I District 8Texas16-213-1115-2031.622.2
354A Region II District 15Texas13-201-149-2031.627
375A Region I District 3Texas13-202-1511-2031.425.8
385A Region IV District 28Texas17-123-714-1130.911.5
395A Region III District 19Texas9-131-78-1330.522.3
402A Region I District 6Texas27-142-320-1330.314.1
414A Region III District 23Texas16-130-615-1330.119.3
415A Region III District 22Texas14-112-511-930.111.4
433A Region II District 16Texas22-130-612-133015.3
435A Region III District 24Texas16-151-512-123017.5
453A Region I District 5Texas16-193-715-1929.522.8
462A Region I District 3Texas24-90-416-829.44.2
47TAPPS Division II District 2Texas28-80-115-628.64.7
483A Region III District 24Texas16-110-413-1127.712.9
492A Region III District 22Texas24-123-417-1127.411.7
493A Region III District 20Texas14-191-1112-1827.419.8
512A Region II District 10Texas26-151-317-1227.19.8
524A Region I District 6Texas12-172-811-1726.915.9
532A Region I District 2Texas21-185-714-1626.115.1
544A Region III District 20Texas11-100-710-1025.16.3
554A Region III District 24Texas13-111-311-11255.5
564A Region IV District 30Texas19-160-616-1524.910.2
572A Region IV District 26Texas19-120-210-1124.16.8
582A Region III District 17Texas16-243-312-2223.814.4
593A Region I District 8Texas16-204-614-1723.615.2
601A Region I District 1Texas28-130-118-923.43.1
615A Region III District 20Texas14-130-69-1122.611.9
623A Region I District 7Texas17-182-515-1622.516.3
635A Region III District 23BTexas8-140-58-1422.421.7
644A Region I District 3Texas15-190-512-1922.116.5
654A Region III District 18Texas13-110-29-1021.92.4
66TAPPS Division II District 1Texas25-160-98-1521.86.5
673A Region II District 12Texas20-171-612-1421.611.5
683A Region I District 3Texas16-210-79-2021.412.5
69Southwest Prep ITexas10-150-54-1421.37.3
705A Region IV District 27Texas10-171-86-162112.8
713A Region IV District 28Texas16-200-411-1920.814.8
725A Region I District 1Texas9-141-96-1320.58.6
733A Region III District 21Texas13-140-37-1420.49.6
74Southwest Prep IITexas15-100-25-920-3.6
75TAPPS Division I District 3Texas5-90-13-919.715.7
762A Region III District 19Texas22-130-213-1219.47.3
775A Region III District 18Texas7-90-44-919.24.8
782A Region IV District 25Texas17-130-47-1319.15.1
79TAPPS Division I District 1Texas24-150-214-818.71.7
804A Region III District 17Texas17-191-511-1818.212.3
812A Region I District 8Texas17-170-59-1618.16.8
822A Region I District 7Texas17-170-32-1617.48.3
834A Region IV District 29Texas20-110-16-917-0.5
833A Region IV District 26Texas9-180-83-171714.3
853A Region I District 1Texas9-240-117-2416.821
853A Region II District 14Texas17-190-27-1916.88.8
872A Region III District 20Texas13-200-35-1916.510.1
885A Region IV District 31Texas15-170-38-1416.43.1
894A Region III District 19Texas12-141-210-1216.34.5
891A Region IV District 27Texas23-90-010-716.3-4.6
912A Region II District 9Texas19-140-39-11165.3
924A Region II District 11Texas13-181-69-1515.96.1
933A Region IV District 27Texas17-171-47-1615.77.3
942A Region II District 15Texas22-140-16-1215.40.8
952A Region IV District 31Texas23-80-14-615-9.7
962A Region IV District 29Texas13-170-14-1414.64.7
975A Region IV District 30Texas16-140-210-914.50
982A Region II District 12Texas15-130-36-1014.4-3.8
995A Region IV District 29Texas11-200-44-1814.35.7
1002A Region I District 5Texas17-160-39-1114.25.8
1002A Region II District 16Texas14-150-24-1314.2-2.6
1024A Region IV District 31Texas17-150-28-813.90.5
1032A Region I District 1Texas18-151-36-813.62
1033A Region IV District 32Texas20-110-36-1113.6-8.7
1052A Region III District 21Texas15-150-28-1113.23.1
1062A Region I District 4Texas16-170-34-1312.66.1
1074A Region II District 12Texas8-190-54-1612.48.1
1075A Region IV District 32Texas13-170-17-1212.4-0.1
1092A Region III District 18Texas16-100-12-812.2-8
1102A Region III District 23Texas15-100-13-711.9-6
1103A Region II District 10Texas7-260-54-2511.918.2
1104A Region I District 7Texas18-270-97-2511.96.7
1134A Region I District 2Texas18-150-35-1111.8-4.6
1144A Region IV District 26Texas7-240-62-2010.717.1
1153A Region IV District 31Texas10-180-15-1510.6-0.1
1161A Region II District 9Texas18-180-01-1210.3-1.3
1173A Region III District 22Texas8-130-24-910-1.3
1182A Region II District 13Texas14-180-310-109.8-0.5
1191A Region III District 22Texas23-180-111-99.4-2.7
1194A Region III District 21Texas13-120-13-109.4-4.4
1212A Region II District 11Texas17-110-15-99.1-8.1
1221A Region III District 20Texas22-150-18-98.7-9.6
1233A Region II District 13Texas7-270-61-268.215
1244A Region IV District 32Texas10-190-56-126.90.3
125TAPPS Division II District 4Texas15-130-01-126.3-12.6
1262A Region IV District 30Texas17-170-17-116-1.4
1271A Region IV District 29Texas22-130-01-65.4-15
1273A Region II District 11Texas10-210-46-185.45.9
1293A Region IV District 29Texas11-190-13-165.10.9
130TAPPS Division II District 3Texas20-140-26-94.5-8.6
1312A Region IV District 28Texas13-190-24-134.4-0.5
1311A Region I District 4Texas22-130-20-54.4-12.1
1331A Region IV District 25Texas21-150-04-104.3-9
1341A Region I District 7Texas16-210-31-154-4.1
1352A Region II District 14Texas14-170-12-142.9-4.3
1352A Region IV District 27Texas14-200-16-112.9-4.3
1374A Region I District 1Texas12-160-13-102.5-7.6
1371A Region I District 6Texas21-140-01-82.5-12.7
1391A Region II District 11Texas16-190-03-82.2-5.1
1404A Region IV District 28Texas9-190-33-130.90
141TAPPS Division I District 2Texas11-210-12-110.3-1.2
1421A Region II District 13Texas20-170-00-90.2-12
143TAPPS Division III District 3Texas19-170-23-6-0.1-11.8
1441A Region III District 17Texas17-180-03-9-0.3-10.1
1451A Region I District 8Texas20-150-13-6-0.6-9.9
1462A Region IV District 32Texas16-110-01-7-0.8-13.5
1471A Region II District 12Texas21-160-13-3-0.9-11.4
1481A Region III District 19Texas9-190-00-12-2.8-10.7
149TAPPS Division IV District 2Texas29-120-00-0-5.1-25.4
150TAPPS Division III District 1Texas22-140-00-6-5.3-21.8
1511A Region I District 3Texas12-220-10-11-5.9-7
1521A Region IV District 26Texas12-210-00-18-6.4-8.8
1533A Region I District 4Texas5-280-30-18-6.72.6
1541A Region II District 15Texas16-180-00-8-8.2-12.4
1554A Region III District 22Texas0-160-00-13-9.6-12.1
1561A Region III District 21Texas8-230-01-14-10.4-12.2
157TAPPS Division III District 2Texas13-210-00-7-12.8-15.7
1581A Region II District 14Texas13-230-14-7-14-13.5
1591A Region IV District 30Texas11-160-01-8-14.6-24.3
1601A Region I District 5Texas9-250-00-5-14.8-12.6
1611A Region IV District 31Texas13-200-01-5-15.2-19.7
162TAPPS Division IV District 1Texas9-250-01-6-21.1-15
1631A Region IV District 32Texas6-160-00-3-22.4-23.1
1631A Region III District 23Texas4-160-01-6-22.4-22.6
165TAPPS Division IV District 4Texas9-110-00-2-26.5-26.4
166TAPPS Division IV District 3Texas12-230-00-5-27.8-27.5
167TAPPS Division III District 4Texas2-110-00-2-29.7-24.4