IMPORTANT NOTE: League ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league they are in is not a factor.

RankLeagueStatenon-league W-LTop 1000 non-league W-LTop 7000 non-league W-LAverage Ratingnon-league Schedule Strength
1AAAA Region IISouth Carolina31-1210-524-1041.822.6
2AAAA Region IVSouth Carolina30-165-727-1639.522.1
3AAAA Region IIISouth Carolina21-244-1319-2335.229.3
4AAAA Region VISouth Carolina22-193-721-1828.719.8
5AAA Region VISouth Carolina24-171-412-152712.3
6AAA Region IVSouth Carolina25-161-715-1526.59.4
7AAAA Region VSouth Carolina23-170-715-1626.211.9
8AAA Region VIISouth Carolina27-113-211-724.15.7
9AA Region IIISouth Carolina24-140-29-1320.63.1
10AAAA Region VIIISouth Carolina20-180-29-1620.210.9
11AAAA Region ISouth Carolina12-250-1011-2419.218.1
12AAA Region ISouth Carolina24-140-39-1419.14.3
13SCISA AAA Region ISouth Carolina26-120-011-1018.50.4
14AAAA Region VIISouth Carolina16-250-55-2317.616.8
15AA Region VIISouth Carolina24-150-49-12170.8
16AA Region VIIISouth Carolina19-211-29-1615.37.5
17AA Region IISouth Carolina21-170-39-1415.13.8
18AAA Region IIISouth Carolina17-201-610-1614.58.2
19SCISA AAA Region IISouth Carolina20-190-07-18143.9
20AA Region IVSouth Carolina21-171-210-910.30
21AA Region ISouth Carolina19-180-212-14104
22A Region IIISouth Carolina19-180-48-138.5-1.8
23A Region VIISouth Carolina22-200-04-98.4-2.4
24A Region VIIISouth Carolina19-170-22-54.7-9.2
25AAA Region IISouth Carolina15-200-35-124.33.1
26AAA Region VSouth Carolina11-260-24-193.74.2
27AA Region VSouth Carolina18-180-21-153.2-7.1
28A Region ISouth Carolina15-180-02-101.8-5.4
29AAA Region VIIISouth Carolina13-220-11-15-1.2-3.8
30SCISA AA Region IISouth Carolina22-160-00-10-3-20.9
31A Region VSouth Carolina17-170-02-6-5.2-15.8
32AA Region VISouth Carolina12-220-02-13-5.5-6.4
33A Region IVSouth Carolina15-180-15-9-7.4-15.5
34A Region IISouth Carolina10-250-01-14-10.9-6.5
35SCISA AA Region ISouth Carolina18-190-01-8-13-18.8
36A Region VISouth Carolina9-240-00-9-19.2-15
36SCISA A Region ISouth Carolina16-190-00-2-19.2-32.9
38SCISA A Region IISouth Carolina5-250-00-5-35-25.3