IMPORTANT NOTE: League ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league they are in is not a factor.

RankLeagueStatenon-league W-LTop 1000 non-league W-LTop 7000 non-league W-LAverage Ratingnon-league Schedule Strength
15A Region II District 14Texas29-922-928-961.930.4
25A Region I District 3Texas27-1415-1127-1453.733.3
35A Region I District 8Texas21-1111-1021-1152.927.2
45A Region IV District 26Texas29-814-325-652.418.1
54A Region II District 16Texas25-1210-1023-1249.529.3
65A Region II District 16Texas22-159-1121-1548.529.2
75A Region II District 12Texas17-219-2016-2147.836.5
85A Region II District 9Texas17-1610-1217-1647.629.2
95A Region I District 7Texas17-168-1417-1646.428.5
104A Region II District 10Texas23-1210-720-1146.219.2
115A Region II District 10Texas14-177-1413-1744.427
123A Region III District 17Texas27-145-623-1243.823.2
135A Region I District 6Texas18-159-1018-1543.725.5
144A Region II District 15Texas22-115-821-1143.520.6
154A Region I District 8Texas24-117-621-1142.513.8
165A Region II District 13Texas8-234-238-2341.437.5
173A Region III District 18Texas19-165-1018-1641.227.2
185A Region I District 5Texas12-186-1512-184126.8
195A Region III District 18Texas17-169-917-1640.621.3
195A Region III District 17Texas20-133-1020-1340.618.8
215A Region II District 15Texas20-144-1119-1440.328
224A Region III District 24Texas19-188-1218-1840.126.1
234A Region III District 22Texas20-146-1015-1439.914.9
245A Region I District 2Texas18-195-1416-1939.329
244A Region II District 9Texas19-122-815-1239.312.1
263A Region III District 23Texas26-92-422-938.816.3
275A Region III District 24Texas17-16-10-10-117-16-138.221.3
283A Region I District 6Texas27-115-823-113819.5
294A Region I District 5Texas15-205-1415-2037.225.2
304A Region III District 23Texas22-115-717-1136.916.5
304A Region IV District 26Texas20-115-616-1136.912.5
324A Region IV District 25Texas14-187-1013-1836.518.9
334A Region II District 11Texas17-15-10-9-117-14-136.219.1
335A Region IV District 25Texas10-183-138-1836.224.6
353A Region I District 7Texas18-195-1116-1936.125.3
353A Region I District 3Texas22-152-321-1536.123.9
375A Region III District 23Texas12-164-912-1634.614.7
374A Region III District 18Texas21-153-1020-1534.615.9
374A Region II District 12Texas18-124-718-1134.618.7
40TAPPS Division I District 3Texas23-93-215-933.213.1
415A Region III District 22Texas20-13-15-7-116-11-13312.1
423A Region II District 9Texas22-117-418-1032.75.6
434A Region I District 4Texas12-252-1110-2532.327.6
443A Region II District 16Texas18-190-916-1931.921.7
455A Region III District 21Texas11-191-1110-1930.718.3
465A Region III District 19Texas13-183-1210-1830.615.4
472A Region I District 1Texas27-124-417-1230.38.6
473A Region IV District 29Texas25-170-318-1530.313.6
493A Region III District 21Texas16-164-914-1630.111.6
504A Region I District 3Texas19-160-616-1529.917.3
513A Region I District 4Texas18-150-810-1529.717.7
515A Region I District 4Texas10-203-1110-1929.720.6
534A Region IV District 30Texas23-161-613-1629.613.3
543A Region III District 20Texas16-195-813-1829.220.7
555A Region II District 11Texas15-246-1111-2229.126.2
565A Region IV District 28Texas8-161-97-1628.87.6
572A Region III District 19Texas23-155-417-1128.65.7
583A Region II District 14Texas22-130-213-1328.58.7
595A Region IV District 27Texas18-150-811-1328.312.4
594A Region IV District 27Texas18-183-618-1428.315.9
612A Region III District 17Texas19-100-713-1027.92.6
623A Region I District 8Texas14-213-1012-2027.621
632A Region I District 3Texas18-172-912-1427.212.2
643A Region III District 19Texas12-222-1111-212723.8
64Southwest Prep ITexas12-120-58-11278.8
665A Region IV District 30Texas19-180-67-1626.87.8
664A Region I District 6Texas13-192-1111-1926.819.6
685A Region IV District 31Texas21-100-111-1026.71.9
695A Region I District 1Texas12-121-77-1226.62
703A Region II District 10Texas19-153-514-1526.315.4
71TAPPS Division II District 1Texas22-140-413-1326.110.4
723A Region II District 12Texas19-180-910-1625.913.8
732A Region III District 23Texas20-160-69-1525.68.9
744A Region II District 14Texas20-151-910-1524.99.7
752A Region I District 6Texas19-140-710-1224.71.1
763A Region II District 15Texas17-204-315-2024.116.2
77Southwest Prep IITexas18-70-18-523.7-8.8
783A Region III District 24Texas11-160-68-1623.68.3
793A Region I District 5Texas12-191-69-1823.221.9
802A Region IV District 28Texas19-120-114-1122.60.1
812A Region III District 21Texas19-181-412-1622.48
822A Region IV District 25Texas20-121-212-1122.10
833A Region IV District 25Texas15-200-611-182214.6
842A Region II District 10Texas21-191-215-1521.67.7
85TAPPS Division I District 1Texas17-193-105-1821.512.5
861A Region II District 9Texas27-150-47-1121.4-0.1
864A Region IV District 31Texas17-190-213-1721.410.6
862A Region II District 12Texas23-111-29-1121.41.9
892A Region I District 4Texas19-162-212-142110
902A Region III District 24Texas23-90-26-720.4-7
913A Region IV District 32Texas26-90-12-719.4-3.9
924A Region III District 21Texas11-151-56-1319.15.4
935A Region III District 20Texas10-200-98-16199
942A Region IV District 26Texas14-160-56-1418.63.8
953A Region II District 13Texas14-200-69-1917.911.4
952A Region IV District 27Texas12-190-27-1617.99.3
974A Region II District 13Texas9-240-74-2317.510.1
982A Region II District 13Texas16-223-311-1716.97.3
982A Region I District 7Texas22-120-18-1116.9-4
1005A Region IV District 32Texas10-220-58-2016.29.6
1013A Region II District 11Texas13-212-57-1515.98.9
1023A Region IV District 27Texas20-170-28-1515.85.4
1032A Region I District 2Texas14-181-37-1515.73.7
1044A Region III District 17Texas6-151-54-1315.40.3
1054A Region IV District 29Texas11-220-65-2014.711.4
1062A Region II District 11Texas20-130-28-1014.3-2.3
1073A Region IV District 30Texas18-150-32-12141.4
1081A Region III District 20Texas27-110-13-713.8-8.1
1093A Region I District 1Texas16-131-63-1113.6-4
1102A Region I District 8Texas19-150-14-1313-0.7
1112A Region IV District 31Texas28-70-07-412.9-13.4
1124A Region I District 2Texas13-160-16-1012.8-7.1
1133A Region III District 22Texas6-261-93-2512.719.9
1144A Region IV District 28Texas15-150-24-1212.5-1.2
1152A Region II District 9Texas12-160-36-1112.4-5.1
1164A Region III District 20Texas18-150-24-912.2-5.9
1174A Region I District 7 WestTexas14-160-57-14125.3
1172A Region II District 14Texas13-160-47-1312-4.1
1191A Region III District 21Texas22-160-07-811.5-8.3
120TAPPS Division II District 2Texas19-200-55-1611-2.1
1212A Region III District 20Texas15-160-23-1010.9-2.8
122TAPPS Division III District 1Texas28-120-05-610.4-12
1234A Region IV District 32Texas8-230-26-1810.35.3
1242A Region II District 15Texas15-190-13-159.7-2.9
1254A Region I District 7 EastTexas9-200-33-179.48.9
1252A Region III District 22Texas10-170-34-119.4-3.2
1273A Region IV District 28Texas17-170-05-89.3-1.3
1284A Region I District 1Texas14-140-06-89.1-9.5
1282A Region I District 5Texas10-170-32-129.1-5.1
1301A Region IV District 27Texas19-160-13-118.8-8.2
1313A Region IV District 26Texas11-200-13-178.56.7
1322A Region IV District 29Texas16-140-06-88.4-11.8
1332A Region III District 18Texas10-180-32-148.3-4
1341A Region IV District 25Texas11-200-27-157.8-4.9
1355A Region IV District 29Texas6-150-31-137.2-9.8
1362A Region IV District 30Texas16-170-02-116.6-3
1362A Region II District 16Texas16-180-14-126.6-2.4
1381A Region II District 15Texas17-150-33-95.6-10.6
1391A Region IV District 31Texas20-150-01-83.7-16.4
140TAPPS Division II District 4Texas14-190-23-123-12.6
1411A Region I District 7Texas23-140-13-62.9-14.4
1421A Region I District 1Texas18-170-03-92.8-7.6
143TAPPS Division I District 2Texas14-170-17-112.61.3
1444A Region III District 19Texas5-270-51-231.94.1
1453A Region IV District 31Texas10-230-00-200.92.3
1461A Region I District 3Texas14-200-30-160.4-6.7
1471A Region III District 19Texas12-200-03-90.3-5
148TAPPS Division II District 3Texas15-180-02-14-0.4-7.9
148TAPPS Division IV District 1Texas19-130-00-6-0.4-16.8
1501A Region IV District 29Texas21-140-01-6-0.8-18.8
1501A Region I District 5Texas17-160-10-9-0.8-11
1521A Region III District 23Texas15-200-23-12-1.4-7
1531A Region I District 8Texas12-220-01-13-1.8-3.6
1542A Region IV District 32Texas13-190-13-8-2.3-14.9
1551A Region II District 13Texas15-180-02-7-3.7-15.3
1561A Region II District 11Texas13-220-12-9-3.8-9
1561A Region I District 4Texas16-200-03-5-3.8-12.2
158TAPPS Division IV District 4Texas13-150-01-4-4.6-14.2
159TAPPS Division III District 2Texas14-200-02-7-7-8.8
1601A Region IV District 28Texas13-230-03-9-9.4-10.5
1611A Region II District 16Texas7-210-01-9-9.5-16.4
162TAPPS Division III District 3Texas19-160-00-7-10.2-21.6
1631A Region III District 17Texas13-200-01-6-10.4-14.7
1641A Region III District 24Texas10-190-01-8-11.3-13.2
1641A Region II District 12Texas8-240-00-11-11.3-15
166TAPPS Division IV District 3Texas14-110-00-5-12.8-22.5
167TAPPS Division IV District 2Texas15-160-00-4-14.4-25.5
1681A Region IV District 32Texas9-160-00-3-17.6-24.7
169TAPPS Division III District 4Texas11-220-00-6-20.6-26.3