IMPORTANT NOTE: League and division ratings are provided solely because they can be interesting to see; they are NOT a factor in the ratings in any way...rather merely an average of the ratings of the teams in the league/division.  Teams are judged individually in order to create their rating; the league and division they are in are not factors.

RankStateDivisionNon-Division W-L

(top 50 teams in division only)
Average Rating

(top 50 teams in division only)
Average Schedule Strength

(top 50 teams in division only)
1New YorkCHSFL AAA6-33526.9
2New YorkAA23-1034.420
3New YorkI4-230.223.6
4New YorkIII9-626.419.7
5New YorkA59-2925.912.5
6New YorkII5-724.718.5
7New YorkMonsignor Martin AA10-1423.921
8New YorkB53-2720.85.3
9New YorkIV2-518.712.4
10New YorkC68-3017.12.8
11New YorkCHSFL AA15-1213.25.2
12New YorkD58-339.2-4.2
13New YorkPSAL Bowl0-10.9-5.5
14New YorkHarvard Cup4-50.6-5.2
15New YorkCHSFL A8-15-1.3-5
16New YorkMonsignor Martin A9-14-4.8-9.2
17New Yorknone1-2-31.3-31.6
18New YorkPSAL Cup10-4-32-40.9
19New YorkPSAL Bowl Cup0-10-67.9-39.9